Thursday, 3 August 2017

Smoky Thursday

Plant shops are starting to mark things down and now is the time to take advantage of the sales.
Of course that's exactly what I did. Daylilies, Asiatic Lilies, ornamental Peppers and a couple of Buddhist Pines.  The Peppers and Pines bring my houseplant count up to 30. Once I can't garden outside I can dote on these inside.

Btw, that black thing on the left is my grandson's rock polisher. He received it for his birthday last month and it came with some rocks that have been polishing for weeks now.

My garden shed has a new little cupboard.  I found it at a garage sale and couldn't resist it.

           Don't know yet what I'll keep in it.

Our wildfires continue to burn and fill the air with smoke that makes breathing hazardous. Here you see the haze hanging over town.

This is what our province looks like from a satellite. I hope we get rain soon but since none is forecast it may be a while before we get rid of the problem. Having said that, I'm so aware that what for us is a health hazard is for those that have been evacuated or worse, have lost their homes,, it's a much bigger problem.

 Thanks for coming by,

             Granny Marigold


  1. No plant shopping for me until the fall rains come. Cute cupboard!
    We are in the smoke zone too here in Seattle. Hot and dry and smokey Ugh.

  2. I don't think I have 30 indoor plants, but it is getting there. :) I love your potting shed! SO cute! I don't have one, but keep hinting. haha I feel so badly for the fires that are taking the homes of folks in your area. The haze that is due to the fires is really hard on the lungs. Take care!

  3. Must be just awful to have that smoke from the fires and so sad for people who lost their homes. 30 houseplants! I have about five. Your garden will be prettier than it is if that is possible with all your new plants! Nancy

  4. I LOVE the inside of your garden shed. Mine is full of boxes that hold the pergola that will go up one day and bags and bags of soil for the garden boxes.

    Hope the smoke clears soon. I can't imagine what it is like for anyone with breathing issues.

    Your house plants look great. We just stalked up on perennials for the garden - amazing prices at this time of year!

    X Chy

  5. We have been watching your weather and I see you are to be hot for the next week or so. Incredible you are not receiving any rain.
    Love your new cupboard and lovely new plants!
    Take care.

  6. My mom said she has smoky skies, too. Be careful. Your garage sale find is cute! So whimsical!

  7. I think your garden shed is a Granny Cave! Cute cupboard, you could put some extra tea cups in it;-) Will be glad when the smoke is gone, thankfully neither of us have any health issues affected by it. On the satellite photo, the fire marked just below the border, we could see the big white smoke plume from that as well as drifting, high up darker smoke, when we drove back from the Okanagan last week.

    1. Haha! I do already have some of my less loved tea cups in my garden shed.

  8. I bet those rocks, will be gorgeous, when finally taken out of that machine!!!!! :-)

    Oh I am so sorry for the fires. Such devastation. -sigh-

    And regardless of it not being AS bad, as losing one's home, unhealthy air is a real and big problem. What do you do, to protect yourselves?

    Stay in air conditioning?

    What do you do, when you have to go out?