Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Nature Journal

Pom Pom and MK have mentioned making an Autumn Journal and I thought I'd try making one as well. Having no talent for sketching ( which they do have) I will rely more on good old Modge Podge to adhere and preserve leaves etc.. on my pages. Also I'll use cards and  clippings from Fall magazines.
I looked through my many empty notebooks and found one suitable.

This page of leaves dried and pressed last year still needs more. It would have been better not to use the brown tissue paper that I used.
                 Pressed Rudbeckia petals. The sandpaper circle in the middle will not adhere so I'll find                      something else.

                                Page in progress. That bottom petal looks like a banana.

I wonder if Pom Pom and MK will include any journaling. The note card has a tab on the right so I can journal inside as well..

That's what I worked on this morning. Our air quality is just awful today, full of smoke. The sun is just a hazy red ball. My head aches and I don't feel like doing much else than putter a bit. To think that many folks nearer the wildfires have been breathing this for weeks!

I hope you're having a lovely Tuesday.
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Granny Marigold


  1. Hi Granny Marigold, I am going to try a nature/Fall journal too. I CAN'T draw worth beans but you gave me the idea to try Modge Podge. Your journal looks lovely so far! Hope your air clears up soon.
    Take care.

    1. I'm so glad you're going to make one too!

  2. I love your nature journal, Granny Marigold! Yes, I will do a little writing in mine, I think. Mostly I am going to draw small pictures. I'm so glad you are joining us. Marcie is the master mind. She's VERY nature-y.

  3. I love journals and have several, this is another great journaling idea!!

  4. Looks like a fun project.
    With this smoke, we all need inside projects.

  5. Looks like a great and fun project, keeping you busy while the quality of the air is so bad. Praying that these awful weather situations will find an end soon.

  6. Good project, for when you do not feel like "doing" much. Because of air quality.

    Do you have A/C? Even a window unit, for the room you use most... Where you could sit and do your project, and not breathe in all the pollutants...?

  7. That's a wonderful journal! I'm so glad several of us are doing this, because they will all be different, and we can give each other ideas. I love your autumn card in there too, and no -- I really hadn't thought about actually journaling in the journal, which sounds silly when I say it, but it's true. That's a good idea. I used to keep a diary for so many years. Might be nice to do a day or two of that again :) Looks really good!! Love those flower pedals. I don't have any of those around here.