Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Thoughts for a Thursday

Valentine's Day is almost here. Do you do anything to mark the day?  Since one of my sons was born on Feb. 14, around here it's been more of a birthday celebration with a nod to all things heart-ish.  Like heart shaped cakes or the heart shaped cookies that I used to bake. Notice I say USED to because I don't bother with rolled out cookies any more.

I went on my walk this morning and carried an umbrella because the clouds looked ominous. As it was I got a few sprinkles but didn't even open my umbrella.  The two best bird sightings were of an Eagle flying quite close to the lake and of a Hummingbird. Probably an Anna's because they are the ones most apt to stick around in spite of the chilly weather. Oh yes, and I heard the first Red-Winged Blackbird singing his Oh-ka-lee song. A sure sign of Spring.

Thanks for visiting.         Granny Marigold


  1. How nice it would be to see a hummingbird at this time of year.
    Like you, I have scaled back on my Valentine's Day preparations. I put a few decorations in the kitchen. Also took out my cookie cutters, bought the colored sugars and then put it all away in favor of brownie cupcakes with raspberry cream cheese frosting. That seemed less labor intensive than cutting out all of those cookies and decorating them :).

    1. I love cream cheese icing and adding raspberry to it would be so awfully tasty!

  2. I sure hope it was a sure sign of spring!..and includes us. I love to send valentines. Mama used to love the cute little valentines, especially the older ones. She would get the biggest kick out of the funny ones. It was fun picking out cards for her.

  3. We don't do anything exciting for Valentines Day. I plan on making a raspberry pie. I used to make rolled out cookies too but I haven't for years.
    Lovely you saw a hummingbird on your walk.
    I wait to hear the red-winged blackbird here too. You are very fortunate to hear it at this time of year. I probably won't hear it here until early April!
    Take care.

  4. Wow, I can't imagine any red-winged blackbird announcing spring here. We are expecting windchills of -41 Celsius tonight....brrrr! No Valentine cookies being baked here this year but I am hoping to find time to try baking a Red Velvet Cake that uses cooked beet puree for the red color. I am hoping it doesn't taste or smell earthy! Happy Valentine's Day weekend!

  5. That made me chuckle. If that's your first red winged blackbird, well then they must be all hanging out at our house!! We have had quite a few, for quite a while. They fling the feed around and hog the feeder. I do enjoy the sight and sound of them though.