Tuesday 31 May 2022




I spent some time this morning tidying up the porch and changing the quilt on the swing.

I got out these magazines and am paging through them when I sit down with my coffee.  Seems like the right week to do that.

 The fern that I moved out onto the porch because it was too big for the sunroom isn't showing any signs of distress due to the move.

 After lunch I puttered outside. It was warm and sunny but it never occurred to me that I should wear a hat so now my face is a little sunburnt. We've had so few sunny days. I need to remember again about a hat.

 Lady's Mantle

There's also Sweet William in this box but it's not blooming yet.

A little fairy in the Lily of the valley patch.

Thanks for coming by, G.M.

Sunday 29 May 2022






I chose the above picture because I noticed this morning that my first Oriental Poppy has opened. You know the ones, huge red flowers!!  Every year they grow and bloom and need no special care. Yes, they tend to flop but kind of hold each other up.

My week is going to be somewhat different. My DH has gone to visit his family. Youngest son took him to the airport this morning. I have various projects I want to do. The weather forecast isn't promising so I'll be forced to stay indoors and actually work on those projects.

Granddaughter Kate gave me these bunnies a couple of years ago. They're filled with something heavy so they stand very firmly and could even serve as door stops. I put them out every Spring and am finally putting all the Spring things away. Did you notice the tails?  Whoever made these did not know much about the anatomy of rabbits because that's certainly not a bunny's kind of tail.

Kate will be coming over shortly. I'll go unlock the front door for her. I hope your Sunday is a lovely one.

Thanks for coming by,  GM

Thursday 26 May 2022

This and That


 It's an overcast day but no rain so far.  Sheila and I were at the thrift store...a place she doesn't often go to. She was surprised at the nice things that there were and reasonable prices. She even found some treasures. As did I of course. The coffee maker we got the time before last ( and love it) but the pretty polka dot cake pan ( and the lovely pillow case under it) were my choices.

I like the artwork on this old  .50 calendar .


Some pictures taken on our morning walk.

I know what Far Side would say about all these 'poopers". They sure can make a mess of the path!!

Even weeds can be pretty.

Blogger has been messing with my comments, often placing an unread one down the list of old comments. If I don't scroll down through I miss some. That's what happened to a couple of your comments recently Anni. I'm sorry and will do my best to keep on top of the problem.

I hope your days was a good one. Have a lovely weekend.   G.M.

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Tuesday Trivia

 The sun never broke through the clouds today but we reached 18* (64F) having started out at 8* first thing this morning.   I got my little Sweet Peas put into the ground and pulled lots of weeds again. 

The rugosa rose that we planted behind the house has more buds and blooms than any other year so far.
We love rugosas because they're so hardy and dependable.


Right below that rose is an old fountain that has become a planter with some kind of succulent growing in it. There used to be a second part to the fountain but it broke  so I put a pot of mint there for now. I've never been much for drinking plain water but since I've started putting sprigs of mint in the water pitcher in the fridge I've found it makes water much more drinkable.

 I hope you had a good day.  G.M.

Sunday 22 May 2022

Bird Flu and Lilacs


 The day dawned clear and sunny so we drove to the Heron Reserve but to our disappointment all the feeders had been taken down and no birds were to be seen.  It was only then that I realized that because of the threat of avian flu the public had been asked to remove bird feeders ( as I had already done). We had a lovely walk anyway but still it was disappointing since normally there are many different kinds of birds to be seen there.

Many flocks of chickens and turkeys have had to be destroyed in B.C. and Alberta because some of the birds tested positive. It is thought that migrating wild fowl brought the virus. There's even been an issue with skunks eating geese that had died from eating infected birds and then they themselves getting sick.

On a more pleasant topic it's lilac time.  Our very old bush is over 15 feet high and probably because we cut so many flowers all these years it now has blooms only on top. DH took a long cutter-on-a-pole and managed to get me one cluster.


I plan on having a restful afternoon sitting on the porch, then later dominoes with family as usual.

Granny M.



My garden shed by night.

Saturday 21 May 2022

Sunny Days

We've had several days in a row where it has been mostly sunny so I've been doing as much as I can outside.  This year has been so unusual. I think I posted that this May has been the coldest in 100 years. 

So I transplanted all my wee plants into their summer containers but have kept the tomatoes out. I'm still putting them out on sunny days and under cover (outside) on cold and wet days.

 Anni from Hootin' Anni's lovely blog expressed an interest in eldest daughter's sketching and painting.  I'm constantly amazed at what she can do mainly because I myself don't have much talent. S has discovered this latest talent now, in her 50's.  Anyway, Anni,  here are some of S's creations. 

This is my garden shed. I have no idea why that weird image insisted on being in the photo. Sorry.

 Coneflowers from my garden.

 The tulips she did for Mothers Day.

She has a hard time doing nothing so while we were having tea and chatting one day she did this.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend. IF the weather holds we're planning on going to the Heronry Reserve tomorrow. If we do I should get some good bird pictures as there are a number of feeders right outside the information building and picnic tables nearby so we can sit, have our snack, and watch birds.

Thanks for coming by,  GM

Wednesday 18 May 2022


 It's a very windy and wet day and I wondered what I could blog about. I try to post every second day but I don't always succeed.  I thought today I'd post about keeping a journal.   I looked up the difference between a journal and a diary and got this answer:

A journal is a personal record where you pen your thoughts, observations, and experiences, while a diary is a book  where you note down important things to keep track of them.

 I think what I do is a combination of the two. The journal I'm currently using has had room for 6 years. I'll need a new one for 2023.


I'd love to be able to sketch or paint to decorate my pages but since I don't have any talent in those areas I use collage to brighten up the pages. When I have extra time I work ahead so here a few of my upcoming pages.   (My "bookmark" is an old necklace repurposed)


I have other books that I use for different uses. This one has lots of lists in it and bits glued in. Things I've cut out of magazines that I found  inspiring.

 This one has Random Ideas that I may or may not implement.

 So, do you keep a diary or journal?  If you do, do you try to make it pretty? I just wondered.

Thanks for visiting, Granny M.

Monday 16 May 2022

Rhubarb and a Cupboard


 We have a small patch of rhubarb but it doesn't produce enough for our needs. I bought some from a woman who had advertised on Marketplace.  Hers were advertised as organic and had very sturdy stalks.  There was a lot more than this but I didn't remember to take a picture at first.

 I made 6 little jars of rhubarb/orange/cranberry jam.....

...and an apple/ rhubarb crisp. Also froze 3 bags.

We had rain this morning but now (after lunch) it seems to be clearing up a bit.  I'd like to get outside and keep working on my potting area beside my garden shed.  I got another free cupboard ( courtesy of eldest daughter) and that meant some rearranging had to be done. I want the wooden cupboard to be at least partially protected from rain. You can't see it very clearly but the front has tambour doors which I really like.

I hope your week is off to a great start.  Thanks for taking the time to come by.

Granny M.

Saturday 14 May 2022

Saturday Chit Chat



We have Chickadees nesting in one of the birdhouses in the front garden. I peeked and there are 5 tiny eggs in a soft and fluffy nest.

Some have wondered  about my row of outside tea pots that are on the fence beside the walkway to the back yard.  Here you can see how they're protected from  the  weather   ( not that they're not
weatherproof :)  and also  from being knocked down. The first one has no lid and in winter I had some greens in it. I see some are still there.

Whatever your weekend involves I hope it's a good one.