Monday 29 September 2014

A Monday Tea

              It's a chilly and wet day, perfect for having tea. Won't you join me?

              I've made scones and there's lovely jam!

I have ALL my old issues of Victoria magazine and from time to time I get out the ones from the month we're in and browse through. The pictures are so gorgeous.

Have a good week!          Granny Marigold

Saturday 27 September 2014


The fog was thick this morning when we left to see what treasures I could find at the few garage sales that were advertised. I love this soft scarf and gloves that I found. The people at all four ( or maybe five) garage sales, were so cheerful and friendly.  We even met one woman and her grown daughter
 ( who was the one having the gs) who had bought the house we had built and were selling  in 1978, just before we began building this house,  that we've lived in the longest of all our homes!!

I love this botanical travel mug. It is a china cup.  I dislike drinking out of plastic.

The illustrations by Holland's famous Rien Poortvliet in this fanciful book about gnomes are superb.

Last of all we got this jigsaw puzzle. 1000 pieces.... should take a good long while to finish!!
We'll keep it for winter evenings I think.

Once the fog cleared up we had a fairly nice day. Got some more Hostas cut down, and tomorrow we will cut down more. Have to do it more slowly than we used to but it gets done.  Getting things tidied up for the winter months that surely will come

        Have a restful Sunday.         Granny Marigold

Friday 26 September 2014


It is a very rainy morning. No walk for me unless it relents. I miss it when I can't go; it starts my day off the way I like it. 

The house is completely quiet, something that rarely happens. In a three generation household of six people, two of who are retired, it seems there's almost always some murmur of activity. So I have made myself a pot of tea, lit a candle, and am having a quiet morning. I hope your morning is a pleasant one, no matter what the weather.

Wednesday 24 September 2014

This and That

My Sweet Autumn Clematis is slowly opening its countless tiny blossoms. As you can see in the second photo it has begun crawling up the side of the house.  The sunroom window is partially blocked by its extravagant growth.

I wanted to show my kitchen window with the pots of flowers I bought at the nursery just this afternoon but it is too dark I'm afraid.  In the photo, just behind my one African Violet, you can see the Clematis 

         This is one of the pots on the kitchen window sill...

                            and this is the other. Sorry about the dirty pot! I would have wiped it if I'd noticed.

            I bought this arrangement for the front steps, by the old fountain.

And this pot with the ornamental Kale for the porch table.  The nursery had great deals and I took advantage of them. 

 Here are some of my gourds on the cake stand that I found in a freebie box at a garage sale this summer.  It is fun to brighten the house for Fall, don't you think? The days are getting cooler and evening begins WAY too soon for my liking so it helps to have bright colours about.

Happy middle of the week!!!         Granny Marigold

Monday 22 September 2014

Welcome Fall

As far as I can figure out Fall begins officially for us sometime tonight, so let me wish you a very happy Fall !  It's cool and wet here, a distinct change from yesterday's sunshine and warmth. Time to think of cozy sweaters and maybe different food than we've been having. Maybe hearty Beef Stew. That sounds good. And pie. Let there be pie. Hmmm. I shall be busy.

 Don't you love peeking in on the Squirrel family?  Susan Wheeler's illustrations are so cute.

Pumpkins, lumpy or otherwise, are everywhere right about now.  I still prefer the lumpless ones.

I hope you are having a great Monday!           Granny Marigold

Sunday 21 September 2014

Thrifty Buys

The garage season is almost at an end for the year. Thrifty buys are harder to find now. I did pick up this lovely big tea pot for two dollars. I make myself a pot of tea every single day so I'll use it a lot.

I love hand made quilted bags. Besides being pretty, they are so useful. I carry groceries, library books, garage sale treasures, sometimes I even use one to carry my camera and binoculars when I go for my walk.  This bag cost me 1.50. This side is my favourite. The next pic is the other side and you can see the trim and lining is a cheery print.  There's even an inside pocket ( cell phone?)

These pears were a thrifty buy at .49 cents a pound. They will have to be eaten today because they are quite ripe. No problem around here.

Those are my only treasures today. I hope you are having a restful Sunday.

                                           Granny Marigold

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Harrison Lake

The warm, sunny days of September will soon enough turn to the wet,cool days of October so we took advantage of the weather and  drove to Harrison Lake where we met up with our son and his family. Had a pleasant few hours then came home ready to put our feet up.

          The little man trying to make a hole in the sand using his Grandad's cane while his sister and another child work on a sand castle.

           As we left town I snapped a quick picture of this house. I like the purple trim!

                             Have a happy day!     Granny Marigold

Monday 15 September 2014

Our trip to pick fruit

It's a beautiful, sunny Fall day and we took advantage of the cooler morning temperature to go to the Pumpkin Farm which has WAY more than pumpkins. You can either buy ready picked or pick your own. We chose the latter. except for pumpkins and gourds which were already picked .    Here my DH is picking plums ( we had 24 pounds when he was done).

 It's a great place where you can walk around ( or be pulled in a wagon) and look at animals in the barn, feed hungry goats, see chickens, turkeys, you-name-it.

Here are just some of our plums. Most will end up in the freezer ( which is getting very full).

We also picked huge apples and winter pears.. I believe these are a variety called Bosc.   Unlike regular Barttlet pears these keep well . They stay firm and taste more like an apple than what you might think of as pear. I put some on a tray to show you.

I plan on making a Caramel/apple pie later in the week when we are supposed to have a few cool days. Maybe even some badly needed rain!

Thanks for visiting. I hope your week is starting out fine! 

             Granny Marigold

Sunday 14 September 2014

Today's project

This area of my kitchen/dining room used to be a busy place where important notes were pinned on the bulletin board, school papers that needed signing were put so they wouldn't be forgotten, and the hundred other things that are part of life with school aged kids.  Now it was really not necessary any more SO....

I asked my DH if he would remove the bulletin board and build an insert to fit the spot. He did just that and even put a piece of  white metal to serve as bulletin board but using magnets instead of push pins.  It's the part behind the cups ( that have no saucers).  Below that is an area just the size for my " printers boxes" which I change with the seasons.  I am so happy to have this new space and so thankful for a hubby that can do such .

Hope your weekend has gone well and you're ready to face the new week!

                          GRANNY MARIGOLD

Friday 12 September 2014

Interesting houses

I love old houses. There's something fascinating about them that I don't feel for new houses, no matter how big and fancy they might be. Whenever I can I take pictures of houses that appeal to me and here are a few.

Too bad about the trailer in this one. I would have preferred it GONE. If I were computer savvy I could eliminate it but I'm not so it has to stay.

The next five photos are some that I took off the internet, then the last one is,again, one I took. I hope you enjoy looking at old places too.