Thursday 31 October 2013

A repurposed bed

It's hard to believe the things people throw out. Some time ago we rescued a solid wooden bed.  It sat in the garage for months as we tried to find someone who might want it.  One day I got one of my brainwaves and asked my DH if he could use it to make a bench for our porch. Until last year our porch was Victorian with white wicker furniture and rugs on the floor. When we got a great deal on slate tiles we decided to go more rustic. So the wicker found a new home and we had no bench.  My DH cut the footboard in half and used that as the sides of the bench while the headboard needed no cutting down. The only other wood he used was for a seat and that was wood he had lying around. So, for free we have a very sturdy bench that looks right with the new slate floor.

 We also found  several foam cushions in good condition, another "throw away"), and three fit perfectly on the bench.  Then at the thrift store I found a black fleece blanket that I used to cover the cushions.It is sort of wrapped around them.  I don't sew and besides, this way I can take it off and give it a good shake when it needs it. Cost of the blanket $3.99 minus 30% senior discount because I shopped on Senior day.

The two pale aqua pillow shams have pretty embroidery on them which you can't see in the picture. They were marked down to a dollar each and I already had extra bed pillows so I could use them to brighten up the rather sombre black. I'm pleased with the bench and happy that we could use the bed instead of it ending up in the garbage.         

                               Happy Day from Thrifty Granny M.

Wednesday 30 October 2013

The last days of October

As a rule my daily walk doesn't vary much but today I had books to pick up at the library and since the sun was trying to shine I decided to walk there instead. On the way I passed houses all decorated for tomorrow!
It is amazing how much importance folks place on Halloween. For myself I don't care for it but the grandchildren have fun dressing up and trick or treating.

 Isn't that curled up cat cute?  I almost went to remove the bag of garbage before snapping the picture but decided I'd better not. Besides, I might have scared the cat away.

 First thing I did when I came home was put on the kettle for a pot of tea. The tea cup is Sweet Violets by Royal Albert, and is my favourite.
 This quilted bag is the one in which I carried my books ( and my camera) on my walk. I think of it as my "Granny Bag". I found it at a thrift store where so many of my treasures come from. That and garage sales.
I like that the two sides of the bag are of different fabric. It is home made and quite sturdy.

That was my day today, the second last day of October. The weather forecast is for showers moving in tonight. Those little witches and goblins are going to get wet tomorrow.  Take care,
                                                                                                                    Granny M.

Monday 28 October 2013

"The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees,
The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas"

These words are very apt as we had fierce winds at night and continuing on this morning although less strong now.  It was hardly possible to sleep and we were non too pleased that the winter shelter over our car had been picked up and tossed into the front yard. The concrete bases that held the poles were moved, some up to 5' away. Needless to say it is ruined.

The trellis on the picket fence was torn off and narrowly missed our son's car.   No power outages though, which is surprising.

Dear Husband and DIL taking apart what is left of the shelter.

It looks as if October is going to go out with a blast. Have a good and peaceful day,  Granny M.

Friday 25 October 2013

Decorating for Fall

Every year I look forward to decorating for Fall. I get out my Indian corn, my sheaf of wheat ( at least I think it's wheat. Maybe its barley?), and the ceramic pumpkins.  The artificial leaves and flowers and my quilted table topper, which I'd like to say I made but I'd be fibbing.  This year my son brought home a bag of horse chestnuts which I display in a pretty little bowl. I'll pack them away at the end of the season and see if they will still be okay next year.

 This "printer's box" is an idea I got from Pinterest. I have made a number of different ones that all sort of slip into this shelf.
 Horse Chestnuts. Pretty but totally inedible!

 Even the dollhouse gets some pumpkins and a tiny basket of apples.
A close-up look at the porch.

That's about it for my decorating. As you can see it's all in the dining room.  I do have pretty pots of fall colour on the front porch.  Unfortunately no pictures of them today. 

                                                     Granny Marigold

Thursday 24 October 2013

Another Autumn Day

I just want to share these pictures that I took on my walk this afternoon. The lake was perfectly smooth, the trees showing lovely colour. In the last picture Mt.Baker is visible in the distance. There were many people in the park but I managed to avoid getting them in the pics. Certainly was a perfect day!

                                                      Granny Marigold

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Children's Books

A quick stop at a thrift store this morning where I found this delightful book.  I have a collection of children's books, some that are quite old, others new, but each one "speaks to me" in some way. It may be the illustrations ( think Jan Brett ), or, in the case of this one it is the adorable note cards and letters that are 
found in the page-sized envelopes.

 This envelope contains a Christmas card for Baby Bear and brother from Goldilocks and sister.
Love the picture of Santa's Workshop on Baby Bear's card

 The envelope addressed to Miss R. Hood contains the Wolf Spotter's Guide, Xmas Edition Special.

Useful Tips: 1) Avoid the woods, straw houses and the company of little pigs.
2) Stick to the path.

There's a card for Mr. H. Dumpty in Cock Robin Memorial Hospital, The Gingerbread Boy, even Mr. Wolf himself.  This book is a great addition to my collection. I'll definitely be reading this one to the littler grandchildren come December.

                                                            Happy Reading,
                                                                        Granny Marigold

Tuesday 22 October 2013

A walk in the park

There is a large park just a few blocks from our house.  It is right in the middle of  the city and at its center is a lake.  Lots of trees, walking paths, several playgrounds and a Heritage house completely furnished and open to the public.  Here, in this special place, I walk almost every day.  The sun shone this afternoon after a foggy morning and as I walked I admired the trees and these odd mushrooms growing close to a big old tree.

The last roses of the season look somewhat bedraggled.

I'm determined to enjoy this weather as much as possible because all too soon the rain will come.

                                                       Granny Marigold

Monday 21 October 2013

More Plants!!

End-of-the-season specials meant I just had to go to the Plant Shop and see what I could find. Of course I found several and came home to look where I could find a spot that was empty. I should say right away that most of our large, older lot has been turned into flowerbeds and finding a spot to dig where no bulbs lie isn't easy. So most of the new plants went into pots. 

Sweet Pansies are always a welcome addition.

These Mums are actually more rusty coloured than they appear here.

This pot should look quite lovely filled with orange Tulips

                                                    Happy Days,
                                                                 Granny Marigold

Saturday 19 October 2013


Teacups are another love of mine and I must have close to a hundred. I apologize for the photography. My little point and shoot does the best it can but if I don't hold it straight...  Also I am having trouble with my pictures not necessarily appearing in the order I had planned.  I am so very new to all this.

    Just one of the many cups with a floral design, which seems to be my favourite.

Another view of the Old Country Roses

My DH built this little cupboard that holds just a few more.

My set of Old Country Roses in the upper part of this cupboard with  more pretty ones hanging below.

This shelf in the dining room holds 16 of my favourite cups and saucers.

Friday 18 October 2013

Teddy Bears

One of the many things I collect are teddy bears.  Here are just some of the many that invade almost every room in my house.

These bears sit on a wardrobe that my DH built a number of years ago.

These are among the largest of my bears. They sit on top of an antique wardrobe.

Bears even sit on the bookshelves....

on the stairs....

in the livingroom...

having tea in the sunroom.

A few smaller bears on a park bench ( also built by my DH.)

Three more sit on my mother's old sewing machine.

 I hope you have enjoyed seeing my bears.  Have an awesome day!!