Friday 18 October 2013

Teddy Bears

One of the many things I collect are teddy bears.  Here are just some of the many that invade almost every room in my house.

These bears sit on a wardrobe that my DH built a number of years ago.

These are among the largest of my bears. They sit on top of an antique wardrobe.

Bears even sit on the bookshelves....

on the stairs....

in the livingroom...

having tea in the sunroom.

A few smaller bears on a park bench ( also built by my DH.)

Three more sit on my mother's old sewing machine.

 I hope you have enjoyed seeing my bears.  Have an awesome day!!


  1. So adorable! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.

  2. How funny that we both wrote about bears this weekend! I used to have more, but I scaled back to my most favorites, plus a few that I made back in the 80s. Really love your tea party picture!