Thursday, 31 October 2013

A repurposed bed

It's hard to believe the things people throw out. Some time ago we rescued a solid wooden bed.  It sat in the garage for months as we tried to find someone who might want it.  One day I got one of my brainwaves and asked my DH if he could use it to make a bench for our porch. Until last year our porch was Victorian with white wicker furniture and rugs on the floor. When we got a great deal on slate tiles we decided to go more rustic. So the wicker found a new home and we had no bench.  My DH cut the footboard in half and used that as the sides of the bench while the headboard needed no cutting down. The only other wood he used was for a seat and that was wood he had lying around. So, for free we have a very sturdy bench that looks right with the new slate floor.

 We also found  several foam cushions in good condition, another "throw away"), and three fit perfectly on the bench.  Then at the thrift store I found a black fleece blanket that I used to cover the cushions.It is sort of wrapped around them.  I don't sew and besides, this way I can take it off and give it a good shake when it needs it. Cost of the blanket $3.99 minus 30% senior discount because I shopped on Senior day.

The two pale aqua pillow shams have pretty embroidery on them which you can't see in the picture. They were marked down to a dollar each and I already had extra bed pillows so I could use them to brighten up the rather sombre black. I'm pleased with the bench and happy that we could use the bed instead of it ending up in the garbage.         

                               Happy Day from Thrifty Granny M.


  1. What a beautiful bench! You and your talented hubby sure make made a piece of beauty from that reclaimed bed.

    I love your slate floor. I'm thinking of having that put in my kitchen and bathrooms soon. I've had that same color of vinyl floor covering in those rooms for several years now and have been very happy with it.

  2. Wow, did that ever turn out great! I'd love to come sit there and have some of your lemon bread!