Saturday 30 April 2022

Happy May Day

Happy May Day. I think we're all hoping for a lovely month after the chilly Spring we've had. It shouldn't be long until the lilacs bloom. I love their wonderful smell.

A light rain was falling when we walked this morning but yesterday was mostly clear and sunny.
As I walked I noticed this bunny peeking out from under a tree.

It came out into the open....

...and was joined by a second rabbit.  I moved closer and they quickly hopped away.

I took a few more pictures on the way back. Then it was time to tend to my own bunny. I never seem to get a good picture of her. I think she's camera shy.

These two Sea Gulls were being very vocal, almost like they were having a conversation.

I think I'm done with the tea pots in the house. The next ones are outside on the ledge over the fence.

Thanks for popping by, GM

Thursday 28 April 2022

Teacups in the Garden

 Now that Spring seems to be here at last ( although the mornings are unseasonably chilly)  I thought it was time to put my outdoor teacups onto their stands.  Since the sun is shining I'm going to be outside.....see you again soon.  GM

My Miss Kitty tea pot



Old Country Roses pattern by Royal Albert. 


Tuesday 26 April 2022

Flowers and Wind Chimes


We've been enjoying some sunny days and Spring flowers are responding. 

Even this Amaryllis decided to bloom again. Hidden behind this flower are at least 3 more buds!

 I received this wind chime for Christmas but only now hung it up in front of my garden shed.

 I love the sound of wind chimes. I replaced the one that hung here with this blue one that I ordered from Amazon. I need to clean up the old one and hang that one somewhere as well.  I also ordered a bamboo one but I need someone to climb the long ladder to hang that one.


 Royal Albert pattern Brigadoon


Thanks for visiting today. GM


Wednesday 20 April 2022

This Morning

What a beautiful morning. 4C with no wind made for a most pleasant walk around the lake.

 There was a lone canoe on the water. You can barely see it.

The above picture is one I took of a goose sitting on her nest.  When my DIL was on her walk a bit later  she got a picture when the goose was off her eggs, taking a little break.  Hasn't Mrs Goose found a great spot between the rock wall and the lake?

Just a couple more pics taken by DIL

Showers are in the forecast so I better get outside and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Today's tea pot    Royal Albert Memory Lane pattern


Saturday 16 April 2022

Happy Easter



 I baked Paska which is  Ukrainian Easter bread.  I make it every year and every year we go through 3 large loaves. My Mom baked hers in the traditional shape which is round and tall ( as in the following pictures from the internet) She iced the top only and she used the colourful trimmettes.  

My loaves are sort of elongated. I made 3 fit onto one cookie sheet.  We prefer cream cheese icing spread on the flat side of each piece and no trimmettes!  Do you have any baking that is special for Easter?  I know some make hot cross buns. I haven't tried making those.


Have a happy Easter!!

Another tea pot.



Wednesday 13 April 2022




 A lovely morning with clear skies.  We had a lovely walk. On the way we met up with our DIL and youngest grandson. She takes amazing photos that she doesn't mind if I share so here goes:



 This goose is sitting on her clutch and waiting patiently.

Whatever your day holds I hope it's a good one. Thanks for coming by,  GM

Oh yes, the teapot.

Tuesday 12 April 2022

This and That

 This picture taken on the weekend shows how beautiful our area can be. Unfortunately the nice weather has passed and today our forecast is for rain showers and/or flurries!!  With the risk of a thunderstorm this afternoon.

This is closer to what we saw this morning.  We came back from our walk rather damp.

Here's a bit of trivia....

 On this day in 1899 Gladys Taber was born.  I recently read this about her:" Her warm memories are balm to souls frazzled by modern life, perfect for rainy or snowy days with or without a cup of tea or a cat or dog."    Her many books about her home, Stillmeadow, have been enjoyed by so many of her fans. Happy Birthday, Gladys Taber.


Can't forget yet another teapot.

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Granny M

Saturday 9 April 2022

More Signs of Spring

 It was a chilly 6C when we walked first thing this morning. Now at noon the temperature remains the same. We've had some rain and some snow pellets.  The flowers in the park are not bothered by the weather. The Hyacinths smell as wonderful as they look!


 We came upon this pair of Canada Geese. Can you spot the little one poking its head out from under mama's wing?  I'll enlarge the photo.


 That's the first of many goose families we'll see again this year. 

Today's tea pot

 Thanks for visiting,  GM

Thursday 7 April 2022

Signs of Spring

The little clump of Leopard's Bane ...

 ...and the first Tulip to open.

 I was asked if the eggs I posted about last time were made of glass. I don't know what they're made of. I found a variety of similar eggs on the internet and those were marble (photo below).


Today's tea pot

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