Monday, 23 January 2023

A Kitchen Project and a Haircut



I hope you had a lovely weekend. We started a kitchen project that involves covering (painting) the wallpaper border and putting a new one (not as wide) over top. Don't know if it will work but if not we'll have to go to Plan B.  When I chose this border I wasn't sure if I liked it but decided I'd see how it looked once it was up. That was at least 15 years ago!!  Time for a change.

 It was time for a change for my hair too. Granddaughter Kate cut it when she came yesterday.
(Excuse my messy laundry room).

 We had a nice walk early this morning. 2*C with no wind and no rain. Great start to this the last full week of the month. 

Thanks for visiting and leaving lovely comments.  They brighten my day.  GM

Almost forgot the teacup. This one has Pussy Willows.


Friday, 20 January 2023

A little Rearranging


 Now that the Christmas things are put away it's time to get some pink out for February.

While I was putting away and organizing I came upon this old card that unfolds into a strip of shops. I've had it for many years and it was old when I got it.  I had to use a few pieces of clear tape but it's really in amazing shape.  On the back it says that the card originally came with tiny shopping bags and 10 paper dolls. It's the kind of thing I would have absolutely loved to have as a child.


Teacup made by Royal Stafford. The little plates don't actually match the cup but they're close enough.

Thanks for coming by today,   GM

Lately I have been unable to post a comment on various blogs. Today it's Furry Gnome's blog and also Catherine ( My Home & Garden).  I find this quite frustrating.

Monday, 16 January 2023



Not much to blog about so I thought I'd post some Monday-ish pictures from  Pinterest.

I did bake scones on the weekend. As usual no two were the same size ( but they tasted great)..

I chose a teacup with Daffodils as today's teacup. It was made by Roslyn.

Thanks for coming by,  GM

Saturday, 14 January 2023

Cats and Cleaning Up

 I'm starting today's post with some sweet pics of GD Kate's kitties, Remington and Ruger.   Ruger, of course, is Miss Kitty's offspring and one of the gentlest of kitties. I'm glad those two get along so well.

 What's really on my mind these days is tidying up. I'm pretty good at keeping the house tidy but I have to keep at it and I want to have less "stuff".  I'll never be a minimalist. I like pretty things, useful things,sentimental things, but I need to keep purging, de-cluttering.  This week Eldest Daughter brought me a box of scrapbook paper and a bag of assorted jewelry bits to go through with the idea that whatever I didn't want would go to the thrift store. I sorted through the paper quite quickly but making decisions about the jewelry bits was harder. I finally decided that I'd keep a few pieces inside but most of the ones I liked and wanted to keep would be hung outside once the weather warms up. Needless to say I have a big box waiting to be taken to the thrift store soon!!  

That's what I'm doing today. I took the tree down earlier in the week. I had intended to keep it up longer but one morning I woke up with the motivation to deal with it so I did. 

I hope you're having a lovely weekend. It's quite mild here today, 10C just past noon.  When we walked at 7 the lake was almost hidden by mist. It was lovely but eerie. 

Today's teacup

Granny M

Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Wednesday Chit Chat


It's a lovely sunny afternoon and M came to ask if I had any sparklers as he needed some for a science experiment. We looked and sure enough I had some.  Then he asked if I'd come outside and watch him, which I did. He started with the BBQ lighter but then Grandad brought out the torch and it went from experimenting with sparklers to seeing if the plastic cup would melt. Which it did.

Since it was so pleasant outside ( 7*C) I thought I'd cut off the old Hydrangea heads that didn't get done last Fall. Now it looks much better. I noticed that the Hellebores are showing new growth and I must get the old leaves cut off in the weeks to come. (That's them further down the path).

Today's teacup is by Royal Chelsea.

Thanks for coming by,  GM

Sunday, 8 January 2023

Cookies and Teddy Bears

 I have made Pfeffernuesse cookies for many years but they were different from the ones that Karen made ( and posted about on her blog Life is Good). She also has a blog called Karen's Kitchen and that's where I found her recipe.  The picture below is her picture.

These are the cookies I made and they don't look as pretty as hers but OH MY but they're good. 

I didn't roll mine in icing sugar preferring to make a thin glaze and pouring it over the cookies once they cooled. I'm definitely going to make these again next Christmas.

 I'm continuing to go through my books and letting any go that I no longer want.  As I paged through this book on Teddy Bears for the last time I noticed that the Bride Bear looked a lot like one of my bears.

This bear, Lydia, sits on the bed and keeps an eye on the other bears, the ones that sit on top of the wardrobe.

Today's teacup was made by Royal Chelsea.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday. Thanks for visiting,  GM