Monday, 5 June 2023


Do you wear an apron when you're working in the kitchen?  I do because I'm a messy cook. I  seem to get flour on myself and sugar on the floor. An apron doesn't keep sugar off the floor but it helps keep me tidy. I think the main problem is that I'm constantly wiping my hands.  If you follow Henny Penny's blog you know about the pretty aprons she makes. I can't sew but..... sister does and she recently sent me this cute apron that is almost too pretty to wear. I just love the fabric!!

What's happening in your kitchen these days?  With DH and Youngest Son gone for a week I had a wonderful break from all cooking ❤❤❤   Now things are back to normal again.  I think tonight's supper will be a Savoury Impossible Pie. One of those Bisquick ones that always turn out. My kind of recipe. Easy and Tasty.

Thanks for coming by,   GM

If you have time to spare please visit Mary's blog ( Visits with Mary) and read what she has posted today. We need reminding over and over of what's important, don't we!!

Wednesday, 31 May 2023


More Irises had to be brought in. I forgot that I have two different yellow ones.  One is intensely yellow while the other is quite a bit lighter.  Both have a faint scent but the blue one fills the kitchen with its wonderful scent.

 This clump of yellow and almost brown Irises is shorter and holds its flowers up with no problems.

The Deutzia ' Strawberry Fields' is starting to bloom. It has grown much bigger than what the tag said and I have to keep it safe from Someone who wants to prune it back. No names mentioned.

A few more pictures of what's blooming now....

So it's good-bye May and Hello June. Our days lengthened by an hour and 17 minutes this month.
In June the first day is 16 hours long and the last of the month will be a mere 12 minutes longer.

Thanks for coming by.

Tuesday, 30 May 2023


Yesterday Eldest Daughter and GD Kate came by to pick me up and take me along to the Plant Shop we like the best. They seem to have to best prices and often have unadvertised specials.  I was there 2 weeks ago and bought too many plants so I decided to have more restraint this time.  Well, I didn't exactly succeed.  I had bought some Petunias last visit but now there were gorgeous double ones and I could not resist.

These are the ones I got earlier. Pretty but not nearly as fancy as the doubles.

 Last time I picked up a Chocolate Mint and after I got home I was sorry I hadn't bought an Orange Mint as well so I did that this time.  I use a lot of Mint in pitchers of water mainly from my large pot of Spearmint which I've had for many years. I have to dump the entire pot out and divide it every year. It gets very root-bound.  Usually there's no problem finding friends that want a wedge. If nothing else I can take it to the thrift store. They'll be happy to have it and no doubt it will be sold by the end of the day.

It's a cool and partly cloudy day. I've done some housework, picked a new bouquet of Peonies for the table and done 2 loads of laundry.  Time to sit on the porch.   

Thanks for visiting today,   GM

Sunday, 28 May 2023

A Quiet Sunday

 It's a quiet Sunday, mostly sunny and very comfortable temperature.  I spent some time outside puttering. It seems very quiet  with DH and youngest son gone for the week visiting family in Manitoba.  

When I did my grocery shopping another 3 miniature roses jumped into my cart. I was forced to bring them home. I transplanted them into terracotta pots and lined them up in the sunroom window. I hope they do well.

My Irises grow too tall and they often fall over with the weight of the blooms.  So I bring them in.

My one and only Peony is blooming and I've brought in a few blooms  to enjoy on the table.

I'm off to read on the porch. I hope you're having a lovely Sunday too.    GM


Thursday, 25 May 2023

Thursday in the Park

 The goose families in the park seem to have joined together and they herd their big bunch around on the grass.  I suppose there is safety in numbers although I don't know what threat there is for them to fear. An angry goose can scare away most predators.

We saw this turtle crawling up on a rock to sun itself.....then later we saw one on the grass. Was it a female laying eggs?  In the grass?   Or was it just out for a stroll?

It's hard to see but there's a mama duck with her ducklings in among the lily pads. I hope she can keep them safe.

After we got back and DH left for Gleaners I did some housework then finished my Miss Read book that I received for Mother's Day.  I enjoyed it a lot and was sorry to be finished. 

Thank you all for letting me know what kind of tree it is. I'll watch in Fall to see if it has Horse Chestnuts.

Granny M

Tuesday, 23 May 2023

This and That

 We saw the cutest baby bunnies in the park. So adorably sweet ( but no pictures).

We saw more goose families....

 I wonder what kind of tree this is. It's quite pretty and I hope someone can identify it.

 Now here's something easily identified, right in our backyard. This little raccoon must have strayed from his (or her) mom and decided to stay up in a tree until it was safe to come down.         

I've had a lovely day getting some weeds pulled with M  giving me a hand. Later I did a load of laundry and got some reading done. So the days go by. I hope you had a pleasant day.

Thanks for visiting,   Granny M

Sunday, 21 May 2023

Mostly Flowers

Our weather has changed and our sky is overcast. This is a welcome break from the heat we've had. We wore jackets when we went walking. I had my camera but found nothing to photograph so  when we came back I went around taking pictures of what's blooming now.

The white Iris was the first to open....

 ...and today the yellow one has opened.  I love the intense yellow colour!

 Lots of Columbines. I'm not sure what colours I had originally but after many years of cross pollinating I have a variety.

 Some bird must have brought the seed for this Bachelor Button (Centaurea ?). I know this plant can be a prolific self-seeder so I'll have to be careful to deadhead.   Miss Kitty managed to photobomb my picture.

 I hope you're having a pleasant relaxing Sunday,   GM