Monday, 17 January 2022


 We had a quiet weekend but really that's the norm for us.  We had a lot of fog and on Saturday it never lifted all day. It was strange walking over the bridge. We couldn't see much at all. Sheila took these photos when she walked I think in the afternoon when the fog was not quite as heavy.

 I've been looking back at which teacups I've shown and I think I've got it figured out. Here is today's!

 Thanks for coming by,  GM

Friday, 14 January 2022

A Busy Week

 This week has flown by and here it is Friday evening and finally I'm getting around to posting. 
 Our cold weather has passed and the snow is disappearing. I actually went for a walk yesterday and
 there were only a few places where I walked on slush/ice.
This photo was in our local paper and was taken in nearby Chilliwack. The Eagle was at first considered in distress but then was observed taking off and I assume the ice fell off as he flew.


Friday is grocery shopping day and there were lovely Primroses so I treated myself to this yellow one.

 Sandra asked in a comment on my last post wondering if I was going to keep posting teacups. I'm having trouble remembering which ones I've shown but I'll do my best not to repeat any.
Looking around for one to show today I saw this Japanese beauty up on the top shelf of this little cupboard in the dining room.

 A closer look. I'll have to check back to see what number teacup this is.

 Thanks for visiting,  GM

Monday, 10 January 2022

Monday Again



Here it is Monday again and for me that means laundry.  Now my laundry has been dealt with and lunch is done so I plan on putting my feet up for a while.  It's mild today and the snow is melting. Yesterday
we actually saw sunshine!!

Here are some pictures that daughter Sheila took when she tried to walk around FishTrap Creek. She had to turn back because the paths were not cleared and were very snowy and icy.  We're expecting heavy rain beginning tomorrow and I think that should deal with the snow quite quickly. 

 I hope your week is off to a good start.  Thanks for coming by,  GM

Friday, 7 January 2022

Friday is for Flowers

 Another after Christmas sale that I took advantage of was Amaryllis bulbs which were marked down by 75%. These were very large bulbs ( I actually took photos of them but my computer won't co-operate today and I can only post pics off the internet of what my new bulbs will look like in a few weeks. Hopefully. Two of the Amaryllis have 6" flower bud stalks already.The first picture is of Amaryllis "Clown" and I bought 2 of those.


The third kind is called Terra Cotta.

 I also got Paperwhite bulbs marked down. I hope they'll grow, bloom, and look like the picture that was on the box. In case you're not familiar with these bulbs they're meant to grow indoors at this time of the year.

It was grocery shopping this morning followed by a doctor appointment for my DH who still has a lot of back pain. Unfortunately all the doctor could do was to give him a prescription for more pain killers and hope that whatever is causing the pain heals itself with time. Scary how a fall can cause such problems.
We still have a lot of snow and now freezing rain so walking anywhere outside is dangerous. I miss my morning walks!!

Thanks for visiting,  Granny M.

Wednesday, 5 January 2022

This and That

 Ever so slowly I'm putting Christmas things away. Today I put the place mats away and at supper we'll light the Advent wreath one last time before that also gets put into the Christmas "closet" ( an area under the stairs).   I made that wreath probably 30 or more years ago and it's held up quite well.  Every time I take it out I need to hot glue a few things onto it.
Did you notice my fake frosted little pine?  I've been having so much fun buying greatly marked down items on the after Christmas sales. I'll be sharing more in my next post.

While at the thrift store we saw this hotdog maker, perfectly new; no doubt someone received it as a gift and had no use for it. Try to imagine it without the wieners and buns in it. That's how we saw it and could NOT figure out what it was for. I was telling Sheila about this weird appliance we'd seen and I remembered it was made by Nostalgia. She had her phone out to look it up and almost instantly found it. I'm glad we now know because I really was curious.  ( I also saw a Milkshake appliance at the thrift store,  also made by Nostalgia, in that same gorgeous colour of red. Another gift someone obviously had no use for!)



We're still expecting that snowstorm that is coming and will quite likely dump a lot of snow on what we already have. Luckily we can stay home safe and warm.
Thanks for coming by,  Granny M

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Tuesday is for Teacups


I was not planning on buying any more teacups unless I found one that I really liked a lot but then I saw these lovelies that someone had advertised for $10 for all 5.  I couldn't resist since I like all 5. The black one is Japanese, the one behind it to the left is Royal Albert. 


I wonder if I jinxed our weather by hanging this tea towel with its LET IT SNOW message because we had a snow squall yesterday and more snow is forecast for later this week.  Today, however, is a fairly pleasant day with the temperature above zero.

 So far this week I've been keeping busy tidying the house and slowly putting away some Christmas things but not the tree. I love the lights that greet me when I come down early in the morning. I'm going to miss that although I got a good idea from Holly over at The Merry Needle. She has created a "substitute Christmas tree" using a bird cage, a glittery nest and fairy lights.  Like me she wanted some thing to light up the darkness that greets us in the morning and descends upon us in the late afternoon already. 

Thanks for visiting today, GM

Friday, 31 December 2021

Happy New Year



 What an unusual year 2021 was for us. First we had the heat and drought of Summer followed by torrential rain and floods of Fall. Now we're experiencing record breaking low temperatures and snowfall.
We hope for better things to come in 2022.

Today the sun shone even if it didn't rise above freezing.  Some paths were  shoveled both in the front and back yard. Bird feeders needed filling and my bunny needed attention. (She is quite comfortable in her cozy house with a warming bulb overhead.)
I baked a Date Square and added the last of the cranberry sauce to the date filling. I think it adds a lovely tang to what can be an overly sweet filling. Then I made a Cheesecake, the kind that is whipped up in a few minutes and has exactly 3 ingredients ( besides the graham crust).  If you're interested the filling asks for a pkg. of cream cheese, 1/2 cup sugar and most of a container of Cool Whip. Once you've got the cream cheese and sugar well mixed you fold in the Cool Whip and that's it.  There's an on-going debate around here which is better....baked cheesecake or unbaked. The former is more work and calls for more ingredients so you know which one I';m more apt to make.

We'll be spending our New Years Eve quietly at home the way we've done for many years. Do you have any special way to celebrate?

Here are a few pictures that my dear DIL took today.  (I still haven't figured out getting my pictures onto my blog with this new computer).

Thanks for coming by, Granny M.