Tuesday 27 February 2024

Chit Chat

Zero Celsius on this frosty late February morning.  No wind so we had a pleasant walk. Lots of different ducks on the lake with the ever-present Canada Geese.

Came home and did some tidying up. Watered my house plants and took a picture of the Thanksgiving Cactus which is blooming again. The yellow one has many more flowers than the white one for some reason.
My Hyacinth opened and couldn't support the heavy bloom so I stuck a chopstick into the pot and tied it up.



 What's keeping you busy today?  I feel like baking but am determined to use up what's in the freezer before making anything else.  Guess I'll pour myself a cup of coffee and decide what comes next.

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Friday 23 February 2024



 It has been a beautiful sunny day. Youngest son came to do some much-needed power washing. I walked around and looked at my flower beds but not much is happening so far.  The crocuses that are blooming are much smaller than they've been other years and the hellebores are looking very sparse. We didn't have a severe winter so I'm not sure why. 
On the subject of weather I was reading about how earth just experienced its hottest 12 months in recorded history.  January has already broken  temperature records, starting  2024 on-course to break global records set in 2023. Makes one wonder what kind of summer we're going to have.  Drought has been a problem these last years.

Tomorrow the Snow Moon will be shining in all her beauty. After today our forecast is for a solid week of rain/showers so chances of seeing the moon are not good. I did see it through a skylight last night and it was already 99% full.

Lovely orchid from one of my sons.

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Tuesday 20 February 2024

Looking for Spring


 Gradually our weather seems to be warming up. I peer anxiously at my perennials to see if they show signs of having made it through the winter.  Sadly it looks like my Foxgloves have died. Maybe I'll find some that survived. I'll keep looking. Meanwhile I look for inspiration on Pinterest.  I hope you enjoy the pictures too.

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Monday 12 February 2024


 Two of my Amaryllis are blooming.  The frilly one is A. Nymph and the other is A. Terrra Cotta.
 The other seven are showing no sign of blooming, in fact 3 of those look like they are going dormant. This is not the right time for dormancy.  Another 2 months or so and they'll all go out on the porch to spend the summer there in a south-facing window.



Another week begins and we're coming up to Valentines Day. Do you do anything to mark it?
Here the emphasis is mostly on Middle Son's birthday and it's a special one as he turns 50.  Now I'll have 4 children in their 50's. How can that be? It's hard for me to believe.

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Friday 9 February 2024

Willing Helpers



There were  nine swans on Mill Lake this morning. We didn't plan anything else for after our walk because some of our children were coming to unload a load of mushroom compost which I'm planning on spreading about on perennials just showing new growth.  Some did get spread under the roses and the raised box got topped up. The remainder was stockpiled. Getting ready for Spring!  Without all the help I get I couldn't keep up with gardening but I'm fortunate that I have willing helpers.

 Lunch was served and now I am planning a nap.  Showing where I wanted piles of compost dumped tired me out. LOL

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Wednesday 7 February 2024

Seven Swans a Swimming


Just 3 degrees above freezing this morning. Sunrise was at 7:29 but we didn't see it because it was so cloudy.  Day length today 8 hrs 47 minutes.

There were 7 swans on the Mill Lake three of which were youngsters still in their gray stage.  I'm looking forward to the weekend when we'll try to see the 50 or so swans that have been seen at
Will band.

I'm trying to make my grocery list this morning. The on-line sale flyers are available on Wednesday (but the sales only begin Thursday). In any case I didn't see much to give me ideas what we will eat next week. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has that problem. As I've mentioned before the problem of meal-making is compounded by the fact that I am 98% vegetarian and my husband is not. Plus, I am a super fussy eater.

My flowers this week are Primroses. I put them out on the porch for night hoping to keep them looking pretty for as long as possible.

Not much else to write about today.  I will include one last picture.  Miss Kitty is not cooperating with my plan of feeding the birds.

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