Friday 28 February 2014

Flowery Friday

The snow is still on the ground wherever the sun has not reached it but these brave crocuses are blooming! What a cheery sight.

Most of my Valentine Carnations were wilted but these few were still okay so I lined them up on the counter separating the kitchen from the dining room. I used clear glass salt and pepper shakers as 'vases'.

Yes, those are indeed Easter decorations that you see on the table.  I'll move them to the side board soon but the little man had fun playing with them first.  The Teddy bear's table has a different tea set and although it isn't flowery I couldn't resist adding it to my pictures.

I found this tea set at the thrift store and it was only $3.00

I'm struggling with Laryngitis these days and haven't been feeling much like blogging but I'll try to be more faithful.

                              Granny Marigold

Saturday 22 February 2014

A touch of Winter

If you saw yesterday's pictures you will see we have a very different landscape today!  Awoke to snow falling and it continued to fall all day. Yet more is forecast for this night and tomorrow. Guess we're having a late taste of winter!

These last two pics I took when the light was already failing but I like how you can actually see the snowflakes.

I am very happy to have nowhere I need to go so I can stay warm and safe right here at home.

                                                  GRANNY M.

Friday 21 February 2014

Random pictures

Finally a day when it isn't raining. I took my camera along on my walk and took a few pictures.
Before I even left the yard I took the first three:: Snowdrops, Pink Hellebore, and a White one. They are barely out of the ground but the blooms are out and will continue to increase and grow to about 18" high.

    The clouds were amazing and I tried to capture their beauty as the sun shone through them.

That's an Eagle up in the old tree! Nearby is the nest that the resident pair use every year.

                                            A pair of Mallards

Although it's hard to see much in the way of markings,  these ducks are Ruddy Ducks, waiting for the weather to warm up before they continue on their way North.
                That was my morning walk.  What did YOU do this morning?


Tuesday 11 February 2014

Monday 10 February 2014

Thrifty Tuesday

A recent trip to the thrift store  was rather disappointing as I found only two small items. A lovely
blank journal ( that I forgot to take a pic of) and a rather cute picture frame made of plastic but it looks quite like wood. It has 5 spaces so I put in pics of my 5 grandchildren and tried to get smallish pictures of them at about  the same age. Of course now the oldest two are 25  and the others 15, almost 11 and 4.  The  teddybear I got for a dollar the week before. She has a cloth body which is very different. Her clothes are actually sewn on to her. She had crushed flowers on her hat and dress, which I cut off and I gave her a bit of lace which I pinned with a brooch. I'll be looking for a nice cameo to use instead.

I couldn't resist adding the picture of the little man being a ham, wearing an old pair of his sister's sunglasses. 

                                         GRANNY MARIGOLD

Saturday 8 February 2014

Random thoughts

Finally I have my new computer and I am finding things are not exactly as before meaning I have to learn new ways and I don't find that easy. But I will persevere.  
   We have been having very cold and windy weather. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow then rain.... lots of rain!!
   This week I was given an old lamp. The shade was big and made of very heavy glass.  So heavy in fact, that it bent the harp (  the metal part that goes up over the lightbulb and holds the shade in place.) I pondered the problem for a while then cut the electric cord, removed the bulb and harp and shade and I had a lovely ornamental  "thing". I glued the finial over the hole on top where the electric cord came out and then found the perfect place for my new treasure. Incidentally, this thing is very heavy and even an active four-year-old running by and knocking it would not budge it.
   Next week I hope to get myself organized and get back in to blogging more regularily!

Have a great weekend. Here in B.C. it is a long weekend as we now have a stat holiday in February! Doesn't make much difference to us retired folks but its nice for those in the work force.
                           GRANNY MARIGOLD