Saturday, 22 February 2014

A touch of Winter

If you saw yesterday's pictures you will see we have a very different landscape today!  Awoke to snow falling and it continued to fall all day. Yet more is forecast for this night and tomorrow. Guess we're having a late taste of winter!

These last two pics I took when the light was already failing but I like how you can actually see the snowflakes.

I am very happy to have nowhere I need to go so I can stay warm and safe right here at home.

                                                  GRANNY M.


  1. I hope you get this comment, I love seeing your lovelies in your house, its like I am
    there. You arrange things so well, its a pleasure to look at.
    I think we are both looking forward to some neat gs this summer.
    I also love to see your pictures of scenery or clouds or whatever else you take.
    Keep it up, appreciate your recipes with pictures also. Nancy

  2. It's encouraging to hear that you enjoy my 'ramblings'. Yes, we are looking forward to summer for many reasons but garage sales are definitely one of them!!