Saturday 8 February 2014

Random thoughts

Finally I have my new computer and I am finding things are not exactly as before meaning I have to learn new ways and I don't find that easy. But I will persevere.  
   We have been having very cold and windy weather. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow then rain.... lots of rain!!
   This week I was given an old lamp. The shade was big and made of very heavy glass.  So heavy in fact, that it bent the harp (  the metal part that goes up over the lightbulb and holds the shade in place.) I pondered the problem for a while then cut the electric cord, removed the bulb and harp and shade and I had a lovely ornamental  "thing". I glued the finial over the hole on top where the electric cord came out and then found the perfect place for my new treasure. Incidentally, this thing is very heavy and even an active four-year-old running by and knocking it would not budge it.
   Next week I hope to get myself organized and get back in to blogging more regularily!

Have a great weekend. Here in B.C. it is a long weekend as we now have a stat holiday in February! Doesn't make much difference to us retired folks but its nice for those in the work force.
                           GRANNY MARIGOLD

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  1. Great to see you back and am looking forward to your posts. Maybe it's my computer but your photos wouldn't load for me though. Keep warm!