Saturday 21 May 2022

Sunny Days

We've had several days in a row where it has been mostly sunny so I've been doing as much as I can outside.  This year has been so unusual. I think I posted that this May has been the coldest in 100 years. 

So I transplanted all my wee plants into their summer containers but have kept the tomatoes out. I'm still putting them out on sunny days and under cover (outside) on cold and wet days.

 Anni from Hootin' Anni's lovely blog expressed an interest in eldest daughter's sketching and painting.  I'm constantly amazed at what she can do mainly because I myself don't have much talent. S has discovered this latest talent now, in her 50's.  Anyway, Anni,  here are some of S's creations. 

This is my garden shed. I have no idea why that weird image insisted on being in the photo. Sorry.

 Coneflowers from my garden.

 The tulips she did for Mothers Day.

She has a hard time doing nothing so while we were having tea and chatting one day she did this.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend. IF the weather holds we're planning on going to the Heronry Reserve tomorrow. If we do I should get some good bird pictures as there are a number of feeders right outside the information building and picnic tables nearby so we can sit, have our snack, and watch birds.

Thanks for coming by,  GM


  1. How fun to have someone artistic in the family.

  2. Your daughter is really talented. I especially like dthe one of the shed.

  3. What lovely paintings, clever daughter!

  4. Incredible art work. I thank you for sharing her talent. She puts in a perfect amount of detail ...loving it all.

    Your May has been unseasonably cold!?! I'm jealous

  5. What a talented daughter you have. Hope you managed to get to the Reserve.

  6. Oh, my, she is so very talented!

  7. Your daughters paintings are lovely.
    Hope your weather holds out for your Sunday outing.

  8. Oh my! She is a very talented lady. What beautiful drawings. I'm glad that she shares them so willingly with you.