Sunday, 22 May 2022

Bird Flu and Lilacs


 The day dawned clear and sunny so we drove to the Heron Reserve but to our disappointment all the feeders had been taken down and no birds were to be seen.  It was only then that I realized that because of the threat of avian flu the public had been asked to remove bird feeders ( as I had already done). We had a lovely walk anyway but still it was disappointing since normally there are many different kinds of birds to be seen there.

Many flocks of chickens and turkeys have had to be destroyed in B.C. and Alberta because some of the birds tested positive. It is thought that migrating wild fowl brought the virus. There's even been an issue with skunks eating geese that had died from eating infected birds and then they themselves getting sick.

On a more pleasant topic it's lilac time.  Our very old bush is over 15 feet high and probably because we cut so many flowers all these years it now has blooms only on top. DH took a long cutter-on-a-pole and managed to get me one cluster.


I plan on having a restful afternoon sitting on the porch, then later dominoes with family as usual.

Granny M.



My garden shed by night.


  1. The lilac is beautiful ...

    All the best Jan

  2. That lighted garden shed is quite attractive! Pretty lilacs. I've read around here to take down all feeders too. There seems to be a state of sadness everywhere we turn these days! Dominoes sounds like a lot of fun. I'm enjoying the quiet of a good book

  3. I#m very sorry because of the flu for birds! What a disaster! The poor birds! Also it is a problem for other animals, as I read. My prayers to the Lord! Every flower a prayer - -

  4. Your garden shed by night looks so pretty and I can almost smell your beautiful lilacs from here!

  5. Too bad about the birds but glad you got a nice walk in anyway.

  6. Pretty shed and I can imagine the smell of the lilacs. Actually, I don't even have to imagine them. Dennis's cousin has a light purple bush blooming right across the street and the breeze is blowing the aroma right into our windows. Heavenly! We went to my sisters after church today and got some lilac transplants from her two bushs. I hope they take. Dennis planted one right under our bedroom window so I can smell it when it blooms.
    Sorry about the bird flu. How sad for the pwople who have small flocks that they know by name. To have to put down the entire flock.
    Take care and enjoy your Monday!

  7. No feeders here, either. I miss the bird chatter outside the window. The lilacs are so pretty.

  8. The lilacs are beautiful! I have read conflicting ideas on feeding birds...who really knows for sure:(

  9. That garden shed is amazing and so very pretty at night! Mercy about the flu for the birds! There is so much mess that we don't even know about lurking around humans and animals. Dominoes sound fun. Haven't played that in a long while. Happy Monday. Hugs and blessing, Cindy

  10. Love your garden by night puck, and wish we could smell the lilacs!

  11. I like your garden shed I must clean mine for summer.
    The lilac blooming is over and we also have the avian flu and many hens and ducks killed unfortunately.
    Catherine from France
    Have a nice week

  12. What an awesome shot of your garden shed! We haven't played dominoes in so long. Dan's grandparents played every evening and recorded the score daily. They had a notebook full. I wish I could remember who was ahead the last time I saw that book.

  13. I feel for those who have had to destroy their flocks, and I feel for the wild birds that are now probably going hungry. There is never any easy answer, is there?
    Love your spray of lilac (I could almost smell it!).
    Have a happy day :)

  14. Bird flu is so bad. I hate that birds have been destroyed. Love your lilac.