Thursday 26 May 2022

This and That


 It's an overcast day but no rain so far.  Sheila and I were at the thrift store...a place she doesn't often go to. She was surprised at the nice things that there were and reasonable prices. She even found some treasures. As did I of course. The coffee maker we got the time before last ( and love it) but the pretty polka dot cake pan ( and the lovely pillow case under it) were my choices.

I like the artwork on this old  .50 calendar .


Some pictures taken on our morning walk.

I know what Far Side would say about all these 'poopers". They sure can make a mess of the path!!

Even weeds can be pretty.

Blogger has been messing with my comments, often placing an unread one down the list of old comments. If I don't scroll down through I miss some. That's what happened to a couple of your comments recently Anni. I'm sorry and will do my best to keep on top of the problem.

I hope your days was a good one. Have a lovely weekend.   G.M.


  1. I swear, I find a LOT of everyone's comments in my spam folder. I hope soon blogger gets it fixed.

    Great finds that you two found thrifting. That calendar has some great frameable art!!

  2. You did get some treasures didn't your? Love that polka dot pan. It's a HaPpY pan! You find the best photos, especially of the geese. There are sure a lot of them. It reminds me of springtime at the lake in Washington. We always had lot of Canadian geese stopping by and pooping all over the boat docks. :-)
    Blessings and hugs,

  3. I have a couple of old calendars I have kept over the years because I love their pictures so much. I probably should try and frame some of them!
    I have had some issues with using Comments lately, but hopefully blogspot will soon sort out the problems.
    Happiness is also seeing a butterfly landing on a flower you have planted :) xx

  4. We have the same weather: cloudy, but no rain. We are happy, that we had some good rain last days and also enough sunshine for our happy soul :)

    The cake pan is beautiful! You made some good deal in the second hand shop, and I think your friend, too.

    O the gees are so big now! What a funny family1 I wish them the best! And for you, too! Many greetings from the Bavarian Forest from Dori

    The quote about Happyness is so nice and true!!!!!

  5. Lovely Post GM...great to get a bargain at the thrift shop- hope the weather holds with sunny days ahead. Best Wishes. KEV.

  6. I love that cake pan! I would want it just for decoration....if I had a place to put it. I have been having some issues with blogger, too.

  7. I've been admiring the creeping buttercups growing in the wild along roadsides and paths, too. They add such a bright note. But they are terrible to pull up in a garden, so I'm strict about not letting them take hold. The polka dot baking pan is so cheerful looking! Enjoy the sunshine today (it's sunny here, but quite windy). I think another system is blowing in.

  8. Lovewhat you found and the geese are beautiful !

  9. Cute little casserole dish, good fine. Fun older pictures on the calendar. Pretty flowers, glad you had a nice walk. The poopers realy do make an awful mess and can very aggressive. One of our local businesses had a pond out front so had lots of these nasty poopers. They were power washing daily because of the mess and people were having a hard time avoiding the mess, and the geese were so aggressive, some folks had a hard time getting into the building to take care of business and or get to work. They had to hire a company to get rid of the poopers.

  10. You do find cool stuff at the thrift store.

  11. Happiness is.....what a lovely thought!

  12. Oh I just love that polka dot cake pan! Have a beautiful day and take care...

  13. I have one lonely mug that matches perfectly with your polka dot pan that didn't sell at the g.s. ! Shall I send it along with W?

  14. Those Honkers are so messy...poopers for sure!