Wednesday, 24 September 2014

This and That

My Sweet Autumn Clematis is slowly opening its countless tiny blossoms. As you can see in the second photo it has begun crawling up the side of the house.  The sunroom window is partially blocked by its extravagant growth.

I wanted to show my kitchen window with the pots of flowers I bought at the nursery just this afternoon but it is too dark I'm afraid.  In the photo, just behind my one African Violet, you can see the Clematis 

         This is one of the pots on the kitchen window sill...

                            and this is the other. Sorry about the dirty pot! I would have wiped it if I'd noticed.

            I bought this arrangement for the front steps, by the old fountain.

And this pot with the ornamental Kale for the porch table.  The nursery had great deals and I took advantage of them. 

 Here are some of my gourds on the cake stand that I found in a freebie box at a garage sale this summer.  It is fun to brighten the house for Fall, don't you think? The days are getting cooler and evening begins WAY too soon for my liking so it helps to have bright colours about.

Happy middle of the week!!!         Granny Marigold


  1. Those gourds are fabulous! You sure do have a green thumb. All those plants must keep you happily busy caring for them! :)
    I smiled at your comment about the milk bottle basket I drew. My husband was 14 years older than me. He was 71 when he passed away. He loved to tell stories about riding on the back of his dad's horse that pulled a little wagon around town to deliver milk. He always thought he was guiding the horse, but learned later that the horse knew the route by heart and he was just a passenger. :)

    1. I must clarify.... I didn't grow those gourds, I bought them when I was at the Pumpkin/Apple Farm last week.
      Also should say that although my husband delivered milk using those wire baskets he drove a van. Although going by horse drawn wagon sounds like fun to me.