Tuesday, 21 October 2014

This and That

When we moved to this area many years ago the town was small but growing. Now it has become a city and the need for space has created subdivisions on the hills around us. There seems to be no end to the development of new areas.

As we drove around the other day we saw this unusual tree. At least the fruit is unusual. I'm wondering if it could be a Persimmon tree?  The orange fruit was "segmented" like a pumpkin.

I like what these homeowners did when they closed in their garage. It looks so inviting with the striped awning and the vine growing over the window.

I picked these mushrooms while on my walk. The one on the left is a perfect ball with a sturdy "trunk". It most probably is an Amanita muscaria, a very deadly mushroom should anyone be foolish enough to eat it.

Here's that same mushroom after a couple of days in the house. Now the cap is opening and becoming more flat. The pattern on the cap is quite raised.  The other two that I brought home quickly became slimy and were thrown out.

It's a windy day here with the occasional bit of rain that gets whipped against the house. A good day to be indoors.  I'm baking bread. What did you do today?

                        Granny Marigold

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  1. I like the unique rooflines of the homes in your first photo. They have the look of thatched roofs. Very interesting mushrooms! I had a day off today so I did some reading, heard some good Bible teaching via video, babysat my grandgirls for a couple of hours and then more reading! :)