Thursday, 18 June 2015

From This to That

'This' being my cast and 'that' being my new contraption. Just got it this morning and it is a huge improvement. I do have to wear it except for showering ( even for night)  but that's okay. 

I haven't accomplished much so far today and as you can see in the above pic it is a lovely day. I did do some watering and I cut one stalk of a Lily to bring in. Each stalk has so many buds and blooms!!

I hope your day is going along nicely. 

                                     GRANNY MARIGOLD


  1. Wonderful! I bet that feels a lot more comfortable. Your garden/yard is beautiful! :)

  2. Oh the brace is so much better than the cast! Beautiful Lily:) I'm kind of excited that it's raining, I hope we get an inch or more, but probably won't.

  3. You have a lovely place and your flowers are just beautiful! Did your recently hurt your arm. I must have missed something. Anyway, glad your arm is getting better.

    1. I broke my wrist/arm about a month ago. I fell off a bench ( outside, on to concrete! What was I doing standing on that bench, you ask? Wiping a high shelf.)

  4. Oh, thanks for telling me. Makes me want to be more careful. I am always standing up on something, like a bucket. At my age I should know better.