Monday, 8 June 2015

Odds and Ends

Our weather continues to be sunny and HOT.  I get done what I have to and make sure that by lunchtime I am done. Then in the afternoon I can putter along and not have to do any big chore.
On the weekend we had my DH's sister and BiL visit and that was lovely. We hadn't seen them for a while ( they live 1500 miles away, like most of my family and about half my DH's family does.)
We did find time to go to a few garage sales Saturday morning. I found three 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles that look like they'll be fun to do, and a couple of necklaces... the kind that have a pendant on a cord. I use those for bookmarkers in books that I frequently dip into. I shove the knotted cord down behind the spine with a dab of glue to hold it and it works very well.  My favourite one has some pretty beads at the end.  Then on Sunday we drove past a house that had had a gs and now had piled leftover things by the street. I convinced DH to stop and I picked out all the china including 3 boxes of Christmas dishes still in the original boxes.  DH's sister was thrilled to get those ( I knew right away I would either find a home for them or take them to the thrift store).  The rest of the dishes were odds and ends....4 cake plates ( I only kept 2)  5 luncheon sized plates and a number of saucers as well as 3 pretty blue and white cereal type bowls with a gold band.  After I got home and began to really examine them I found that all except the 3 bowls and 2 of the luncheon plates ( second pic down)  are Royal Albert!  No pattern name is on them but they definitely are RA.  Oh yes, there was also a cream and sugar set in the same pattern. I have never seen such an enormous sugar bowl.

I love these two plates with their raised gold pattern. The words on the underside are MEITO CHINA  hand painted  made in Japan.

I've rambled on quite long enough.   I hope your week is off to a good start!

                                              Granny Marigold


  1. You are so lucky at finding beautiful china! I have a few china tea cups and saucers, all the same pattern. I use the same one every day for a cup of tea. Lately I've been searching thrift shops for pretty tea cups. Yours are so pretty. So far I have not found any. I'm not giving up! :)

    1. Keep looking. Sooner or later you'll be lucky and find one ( or more) that you like. Are there garage sales out your way? Old ladies often get rid of their dishes. ( That's a joke because I AM an oldish lady).