Monday, 23 May 2016

More This and That

It's a holiday Monday here in Canada ( Victoria Day) so my DH and two of my sons finished putting the corrugated metal on the shed roof. So far the sun hasn't peeked through the clouds but at least it's not raining. We did have a lovely, much needed rain last week.

                 I brought in a bouquet of Peony blooms. They smell wonderful.

Next to eating, play fighting with an empty milk jug is one of Bracken's favourite things to do. He can demolish one in a short time as he grabs hold and shakes it energetically.

It being a holiday the littlest has been spending time with me and showing me how to play Beyblades.
He patiently explains about fusion wheels and performance tips all of which goes right over my head. Luckily he's content for me to simply nod and look as if I get it.

I hope your week is off to a great start. It's hard to believe that this is the last full week of May. The month went by so quickly I found.  Thanks for visiting!

     Granny Marigold


  1. Hi! Yes, May sure did go by quickly! Love your garden shed. How nice to have a new roof. Your dog is so sweet. I am like you when trying to comprehend some of the things kids have now. Beautiful peonies and doily! Nancy

  2. I love your little shed. You have handsome sons. So do you have more than two sons? I too can't believe May is almost gone and May is my favorite month. I don't remember ever having such a cold rainy May.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I have 3 sons ( also 2 daughters).

  3. Very cute picture of your men on top of the garden shed. Our peonies here have come and gone... much like the month of May. I agree, it has flown by.
    How sweet of your grandson to patiently explain his game to you. He's a cutie.

  4. Is Beyblades something I should know about? I hope not. I'm not sure there is any room left in my brain.
    Your sweet little shed will be even happier with a new roof.

  5. I've never heard of Beyblades. Wow-I'm "out of it"--it sounds like something my grandson might be interested in.
    And that shed of yours is so adorable. I've just got to get going on fixing mine up--it's hideous.

  6. Yay for a Canadian holiday!
    Your shed is wonderful, GM!

  7. Your shed is very cute!!! I am with you on May, where or where has it gone:( I too brought some peonies in, but I don't think mine had any scent. I didn't notice it anyway. They are so early this year. I used to have lots for the White Rock market which starts on Sunday, but I'll be lucky if there are any by then. I did make some lovely rose and peony bouquets for my last hurrah at Abbotsford on Saturday though.

  8. Time seems to be flying by at the moment. I don't think I would know anything about fusion wheels and performance tips either but he certainly looks content, bless him. Love the doily a beautiful pattern.

  9. Your littlest sounds like quite a sharp young'un! That stuff went right over my head, too. Never heard of Beyblades! Your yard is so pretty. It looks like you're right in the forest. I can almost smell those peonies! Nice to have some intrepid men to climb up and do those roofing tasks. :)