Wednesday, 11 May 2016

This and That

When I'm stuck for a title I'm afraid I resort to This and That. Which sums up today's post. 

A few pics from Mother's Day... my youngest son and myself.....

             Lovely tea from one of my daughters......

        Silk tea bags almost too lovely to use.   Blood orange jelly.

            A teddy bear to add to my collection. This one came with a very special rosary.

At a garage sale last Saturday I bought this cute quilt. It needed a good wash and some sunshine to dry it. I hung a clean sheet over the lawn swing and draped the quilt over it. I have a clothes line but it is in the shade. 

. This pretty quilted pillow sham came from the thrift store. I don't know if you can see the three ribbon rose buds in the middle.

                 A new look for a few dollars. Can't beat that.

I have been busy washing shelves, organizing and generally keeping busy. I thought I'd have boxes and boxes of things to send to the thrift store but so far I've only filled one single box. 
Our weather is perfect... sunny but not so warm that one doesn't feel like doing much.
The week is going by so quickly. I make myself a list in the evening of what I plan to accomplish the next day. Keeps me motivated.
Hope your week is going along well too. I love to hear what you're keeping occupied with!!

Granny Marigold


  1. My week is zooming by too. Walking, working in the yard, going here and there keeps us busy. It was 81 today - too hot!

  2. I make lists too. At this time of year I need something to keep me on course or things won't get done.
    Love the quilt and sham--such a sweet pattern

  3. I fill my days easily with crafting and hobbies and often wonder how I ever had time to go to work. The flatbread you commented on was homemade and was from a Jamie Oliver recipe if you want to google it. Take care.

  4. Great stuff, GM! Aw! That's a very sweet picture of you and your boy. I'm in a pink mood today. Loved this post!

  5. Lovely to get organic tea! Enjoy! I do love that pillow top! What a find! Nancy

  6. The garage sales are starting up again! We enjoy getting out on Friday and Saturday. I have a partially spring cleaned kitchen! Love the new look! :)

  7. Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day. That quilt and cushion are lovely! What a great find.

    Have a good weekend, :-)

  8. I love to look at pictures and notice backgrounds etc. In the picture of you and your son, I see you still have your plant/fern stand. Is that a palm in it?

  9. Your bed is looking beautiful! Love thrift stores! Those tea bags are exotic. I would have a hard time actually using them, too. ;)

  10. Of course I still have my lovely plant stand! What's in it is a silk (fake) Dieffenbachia. Hope I spelt that right. The first plant is a (real) Draceana. Probably spelt that wrong too. Actually I'm amazed that you can see the plant stand at all. You have good eyes.