Tuesday 12 July 2016


How do you feel about housework?   Do you have some sort of schedule whereby you "get it all done"?   Or are you more apt to wait until the house looks like a disaster and then clean?
I fall more in the first category  and in winter I don't mind doing what has to be done but in summer I want to be outside not inside cleaning.  Another thing about housework that I resent is that it truly is never ending. Floors you wash on Saturday will very soon be dirty again. Same for dusting... and laundry...

I grabbed some fun pics off the internet. Hope you enjoy them.  I love how the women washing dishes seem to be enjoying themselves.  Maybe this first woman represents most of us.  (Doesn't this first pic make you think of Lucy in I Love Lucy?)

My DH painted these shelves in the livingroom yesterday. They are usually full of assorted family photos. When I took them all down I could see that I hadn't dusted under them for a long time.  The main reason they needed painting was because the picture frames I have are all metal and the metal had left black marks on every shelf. So this morning I tried putting a coat of clear nail polish on the part of the frames that rest on the shelves.   Hope that does the trick.
(As you can see some of my Christmas things stay out all year long.  Just in case you wondered!).

Making meals is part of housework, isn't it?   So this  might qualify as having done some housework. DH picked up the flat of eggs at the farm where we normally buy them.  I love the extra large ones that we get.

Now that I've had a chance to sit for a bit and get rested I'm off outside again. The sun keeps going behind clouds but they are the fluffy summertime clouds and not the kind that bring rain. At least I hope they don't because DH and the grands are going camping tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting today.   I enjoy your comments so keep them coming!!

                      Granny Marigold


  1. I actually enjoy housework--I get into a "zone" and find the routine enjoyable. That said, it rarely gets done in the summer. The garden rules then. If there is a rainy day now and then, I get the worst of the bunnies dusted, but not real worried about it. Folks around here know me---and that it will be SPOTLESS come fall.
    Enjoy the camping. Your "grands" will always have fond memories of these times.

  2. I used to have a schedule. Not so much anymore, I do what I can when I can and my husband helps...he vacumes mostly and runs the steamer on the tile floors:)

  3. Just like you, we have a house cleaning day. it has moved based on our retirement, but now it is Mondays. Tom and i both have our jobs and we work until it is all done, laundry included.
    Like you, in all but winter, I would rather be outside. Just yesterday i declared that I hate housework. I don't really, but sometimes i intensely dislike it.

  4. We have a cleaning day with a few jobs dotted in here and there as needed. Whilst I am not a lover of housework I don't like a dirty or untidy home so am compelled to keep on top of it. I will be interested to hear if the nail varnish trick works.

  5. I am with you G.M. on housework in the summer. I would rather be outside. Well, most of the time. This hot, humid weather we are having doesn't make it much fun to be outside for too long. I just spent the last half hour watering the gardens and came back inside as already (at 6:30 a.m) it is getting hot.
    I love your shadow box with the little dining room in it. How perfect!
    Have a good week!

  6. These days I wait until I'm in the mood OR company is coming. Every day stuff gets boring and most of the time, cleaning as I go is more acceptable to me. I really just want to read. Take care, good GM!

  7. I get more done when I have a schedule. But I think housework is discouraging because you have to do the same things over and over. Nancy

  8. I will have a schedule to do the work. Once all the work in finished i will myself relax. Cleaning is a big household thing to be done than cooking. I love to cook different dishes. If someone helps me out to clean the house and the vessels it would be nice.

  9. Hi Marigold..
    such a darling post..
    oh yes housework --the never ending joy ..:)
    ha... I do it everyday
    deep cleaning once in awhile :)