Monday, 2 December 2013

December and 1st Sunday of Advent

December has arrived with chilling winds and a mix of sleet and rain for us today. Yesterday also marked the beginning of Advent so out came our old Advent wreath into which I stuck green candles ( none too straight I see).  It's hard to see the wreath on this runner.  Tomorrow I'll change it for a much nicer one made for me this past year by a dear friend.

 It's hard to find Advent calendars that don't have chocolate behind each door.  I found this one at the thrift store, still in the package, and it has a Bible verse behind each little door.  It has been stuck on the fridge door with mega magnets!!
 It's a challenge to take a picture against a window but I wanted to show how the rather tacky little ceramic houses looked after a coat of low-gloss white paint. There's a sprinkle of glitter on the roofs, which you can't see in the pic. They sit in my kitchen on something that I think is called batting.
I hope you are keeping warm and cozy in this wintery weather.  Please leave a message so I'll know you came by.           
                                           Granny Marigold