Friday, 21 February 2014

Random pictures

Finally a day when it isn't raining. I took my camera along on my walk and took a few pictures.
Before I even left the yard I took the first three:: Snowdrops, Pink Hellebore, and a White one. They are barely out of the ground but the blooms are out and will continue to increase and grow to about 18" high.

    The clouds were amazing and I tried to capture their beauty as the sun shone through them.

That's an Eagle up in the old tree! Nearby is the nest that the resident pair use every year.

                                            A pair of Mallards

Although it's hard to see much in the way of markings,  these ducks are Ruddy Ducks, waiting for the weather to warm up before they continue on their way North.
                That was my morning walk.  What did YOU do this morning?


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  1. Beautiful cloud formations....they would make lovely framed photographs! Always nice to see where your walks take you. Thx for allowing us a glimpse of your world.