Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day

A lovely quiet Christmas Day here at our house.  We enjoyed watching the grandchildren opening their gifts and later we had our turkey feast. Roasting the turkey has been taken over by son #2 and he does a better job than I do because he takes the time to do things like arrange celery and carrots UNDER the turkey and stuff a whole lemon inside it. Not to mention the strips of bacon he carefully lays on top. Me?  I just used to bung the thing in the oven until it was VERY brown then I figured it was done. No fancy anything. I'm very glad to give the job to him. ( In return I wash the greasy roasting pan).

Here's a pic of my granddaughter dressed as Santa for one of the last days of school before the break. It's her daddy that is the turkey guy. ( Does that sound right?)

                 Here's my winter tea pot. I like the cheery snowman face!

                      I love the red in the my tea pot and in this crocheted pot holder. 

I found this set of plastic candles at the thrift store and it looked so 50's to me that I had to get it. I had to lower the blind in order to get a pic with no glare. 

Do you listen to music on   YOUTUBE?  If you do I think you'd like to hear the song GRACE by
Diane Taraz. It is so beautiful. I wanted to somehow put it here in my blog but am not smart enough to know how but I know it can be done.  Oh well, please go and give it a listen. 

I hope your Christmas has been, and continues to be, a happy one.  We hold to the old custom of two days of Christmas and tomorrow will be very lively and very crowded as my children and grands and assorted others come over. 

                    Granny Marigold


  1. Have a merry second day of Christmas!

  2. Have a great day two! Cute teapot!

  3. Two day of Christmas! Double the fun. ,-)

    Today is relaxing day here. ,-)

  4. Cute teapot! Email me if you want a tutorial on putting videos on your blog. I think I could explain it. (Maybe.) ;)

  5. HI Marigold...
    oh the dinner sounds really good..glad you had a nice Christmas!