Sunday 21 December 2014

Almost Christmas

It's hard to believe that in just a few days it will be Christmas!  I've realized that every year when it gets to be the middle of December I get feeling just a tad down. Nothing major, more like blah. SO, I've been finding things that make me feel LESS blah!
Here is my list so far:

Candlelight.  Even one candle burning can brighten a room.  Today we'll light all four candles on the Advent wreath at supper.

The soft glow of the Christmas trees when I come downstairs early in the morning ( DH has the lights on timers so they are on for a while in the morning as well as the evening).   It's so dark at 7 AM that the trees look extra lovely.

Pretty Christmassy tins filled with cookies and fudge. The freezer is full and I've taken to keeping things cool on the porch.

Wishing people a Merry Christmas and seeing them smile as they return the good wishes.

Driving down the streets in the evening and seeing lit up trees in living rooms as well as all the outdoor decorations.

Vintage postcards stuck in the corners of mirrors. Who said you can't have Christmas stuff in the bathroom?

Garlands of Christmas cards ( made with cards from previous years, too lovely to throw away!)

Watching A Child's Christmas in Wales like we do every year.

Fruit cake. I've never understood why there are jokes about fruit ( Christmas) cake. I love it. Mind you, I've only had homemade ones.  Maybe the bought ones are not good.

That's my list so far.  How about you?   How are you coping this Christmas season?

Thanks for visiting.  I wish each one of you a blessed Christmas and a wonder-filled New Year.

           Granny Marigold


  1. I like your list! It's very good! I think I shall try to watch A Child's Christmas in Wales on Youtube! Thank you for reminding me!
    Can I have a piece of fudge?

  2. "A Child's Christmas in Wales"!!! Oh yes!!!!! What a way to perk up. :-)

    I understand that bitty-feeling of being "down." Perhaps it's the awful but pervasive message, that Christmas must be perrrrrrrrrrrfect. And full, full, full of wonnnnnnnnnderful things.

    Why do we fall for this? What a crock it is! Mostly meant to sell us things.

    I have been trying to not allow that down-feeling to settle in. To know that so much of Christmas Magic, is manufactured. And if I want faerie lights in July, I can still have them. Etc.

    I guess, my general coping idea, would be...... To let the Season flow... Without any "it's-going-too-quickly-and-I-am-missing-something"... To creep in. :-)

    Thank you for this post! It is a good one, and a necessary one. Betcha' there are people, who feel the way we do, but sort of dare not mention it. ,-)

    Happy coming Christmas,

  3. Such lovely postcards! And a good reminder to us all to slow down and remember the true meaning of Christmas. There are too many expectations (of ourselves to make it a happy holiday for everyone but forget to include ourselves in there? ), so much prep, and then in one or two days, it is all over. I hope you find and take the time to relax in cozy chairs around your Christmas tree with your DH and enjoy a cup of tea together with that Christmas cake you baked earlier in November. I wish you and your family a truly beautiful and blessed Christmas.

  4. A Child's Christmas in Wales sounds intriguing! I'll join Pom Pom via Youtube to watch it! I feel blah generally all winter. Lack of sunlight and all. It gets too quiet around here by myself. So, the computer or TV at least bring some human voices into the house. I watch a lot of Christmas movies and don't worry about overwhelming amounts of decorating. I think you have lots of great ideas about coping. Enjoy the holidays YOUR way. :) I'm doing just enough baking to be fun and have a contribution to take to my daughter's house tomorrow. I should light a few candles! Blessings and hugs!

  5. I LOVE my mom's fruitcake recipe, but it's just too expensive. Someday!

    Love love the vintage santas..
    Have a wonderful
    time for Christmas..