Saturday, 21 March 2015

Mostly Teddy Bears

I'm having some problems with my camera and I'm trying to figure out if it is the camera or the one taking the pictures!!   So I went around taking some pictures in an effort to decide which ( but I didn't come to any conclusion yet).
  Here are two of my teddy bears having an Easter tea party. The bear on the left is wearing a new sweater. It's meant for a Build-a-Bear but those clothes fit perfectly on mid-sized teddies.

                                           A close-up of their tiny tea set.

               Then there's these two having a more elegant tea party in the livingroom.

             This little set is in the sunroom.  The tiny Easter eggs are not edible although the cookies are.        Or I should say were because by now they are a week old!

 These Daffodils were falling over due to heavy rain we have been having so I brought them inside.

I couldn't resist these Daffs that were for sale at the lumber yard. Isn't it crazy that you can buy flowers at the lumber yard and groceries at the Drugstore?


                                       The sideboard decorated for Easter

I hope you've enjoyed a peek at my house today. I'm looking forward to more flowers in the garden so I can feature those.  We've had plenty of rain lately so now if we'd get a week of sunshine everything would flourish.  Oh well, at least we're not covered with snow as some still are.
Things are bound to get warm and sunny soon. It happens every year!!

           Granny Marigold


  1. I love all your cute bears and tea things!

  2. You have the most beautiful and whimsical rabbits and teddy bears....both are close to my heart .
    Lovely collections Granny.