Thursday, 9 January 2014


Outside it is raining and blustery!  Compared to so many places in this world we have nothing to complain about. But it seems so dreary and endless. Our weather forecast for the foreseeable future can be summed up in one word. RAIN.  Last night we had a power outage. I reached for the little flashlight that I keep on my nearby desk and wondered why it didn't work.  Turned out I grabbed a glue stick instead. Made me smile :)  
    I baked a batch of scones. Forgot the baking powder. Needless to say they were inedible and I hate wasting food. We did try eating a few but the rest were quite happily eaten by our ever-famished Black Lab. I made a new batch with all the necessary ingredients and they rose beautifully and are ever so tasty.
  So much for my day. How was yours?   
                            Granny M.

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