Thursday 13 October 2016

Mystery Plant Remains a Mystery

This morning I took my pot of flowers to a local nursery where apparently I was not the first to bring in this specimen for ID. They admitted they had no idea what it was and not for lack of searching the internet.  IF the plant shop where I bought it was closer I'd go see if they could give me an answer but with the price of gas being what it is I won't, and that shop closes this Saturday and will remain closed until Spring 2017. 

Since I was at the nursery and very close to Walmart I continued on and did some shopping.  I stopped to look at some magazines and my eye was caught by one that was full of delightful photos and write-ups ( The Best of Cottages) . Then I looked to see the price and I could hardly believe it cost $14.99.  Maybe  I would pay fifteen dollars for a book I really wanted but for a magazine?  I think not.

Yesterday marked three years since I began to blog. Hardly seems possible that I am still blithering on.
Are you like me and often check your dictionary for spelling ( yes, I know I have spell check but that's too easy).   Anyway, according to my Gage Canadian dictionary blither, blether and blather all are words and of course mean the same thing. I find that kind of neat.

If you're still reading thanks for visiting today.  The weather outside is nasty with pouring rain and no end in sight. In fact in addition to the rain we are to have strong winds. I'd bake something ( it seems like a good day for it) but what if the power goes out?

Granny Marigold


  1. Could that flower be Torenia?

    And I've picked up several mags that were close to $15 and I put them right back (even though they were REALLY nice and I wanted them!!!)

  2. Hi G.M., I have no idea what your flower us. I too have received it in a bunch of flowers. Magazines can be such a price. I don't believe I have purchased one in a year or so. I often check my dictionary for spelling. It sits beside my computer! I am baking banana chocolate chip muffins as I type this but we have no wind and rain going on so no worries the power will go out!
    Have a good week.

  3. What a shame no one was able to help with identification of your very pretty plant. Hope the storm isn't too bad, take care.

  4. Yay for three years of blogging!
    I talked to my mom this morning and she told me that your weather is bleak.
    Go ahead, bake dangerously!

  5. The price of magazines is crazy! I subscribe to three as it is much cheaper than buying them in a store.

  6. That flower is very intriguing. I have no idea what it is.
    Wondering what the storms will bring? will we have power in the morning? Or Sunday morning?

  7. Google is my dictionary! I took a chance with the power staying on and loaded up the dehydrator before I went to bed. The rains were torrential around 1 am, and the winds were howling when I got up this morning, but it is not too bad now, thank goodness.

  8. I'm with Pom. I'd go ahead and bake dangerously! :)
    So weird that nobody knows what kind of flower that is. I was thinking it looked kind of crocus-y, but after looking at images on Google I changed my mind.
    Hope your power stays on!

  9. Happy Blog anniversary! That flower remains elusive to me. Stay safe in the storm:)

  10. Whatever that flower is, it is pretty. The price of magazines is ridiculous. If I buy one I would think of it as a book. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. Nancy

  11. Just thought of something. How about emailing the nursery a picture and ask them? They do have a 'contact us' section on their website, although I don't know if you can add a picture. If you 'right click' on one of your pictures, than click on 'copy link address', you could put that in your enquiry.

  12. PS. On the website is says they close on the 22nd

    1. You're right! I may just take my plant and go there next week. I might even find some great deals! All this is IF we don't blow away in the meanwhile. I'm done with this storm.

  13. Hello..........they look to be some kind of Day Lily? What ever they are......they are beautiful! I am surprised no one in the nursery business could identify them

  14. The plant is beautiful! Makes me want to search for the name too. I sure feel for you having bad weather. We have had several days of beautiful weather since hurricane Matthew passed. I feel the same way about how much magazines costs now. I simply cannot afford to buy one of the pretty ones.