Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Special Visitor

I love to sit on my back porch and look at my wonderfully overgrown flower beds with no special order to anything, just lots of colour. I have several birdbaths set amid the flowers, one quite close to the porch. I sit and watch the various visitors.  Mainly I see Sparrows, Chickadees and Robins coming for a drink or maybe having a bath. Today I happened to be watching when this gorgeous Western Tanager came by. He didn't stay more than 10 seconds and I'm so glad I was watching at that exact time. Now maybe he has come before and I just haven't seen him. I'll be on the look-out from now on. ( This is an image I downloaded from the internet. No way could I have gotten to my camera in time to capture his beauty). 


  1. Hi Granny marigold
    I finally am writing a comment. I love that black and white frilly top. It'll look so good
    on you, I wish I had a matching one we could take our picture with.
    Love that bird color that came to visit you.
    I'd love to see an overall view of all your flowers this time of year. hint, hint Love Nancy