Friday, 30 May 2014

It's Peony Time

It's time for peonies to bloom. The Peony has to be one of my favourite flowers, especially the white one. I bring the huge flowers in the house and the wonderful scent fills the rooms. I have this little stoneware jug in the dining room and a vase full in my bedroom. The blooming season is so short that I feel I want to have them in every room!!

One of the great things about the Peony is how easy it is to grow. Extremely hardy, drought-resistant and long-lived. About the only "problem" is that the large double flowers are so heavy that the plant needs a wire cage or at the very least, a couple of sturdy stakes and some cord to tie it. I don't have a single peony but I imagine they don';t have the same problem with flopping down.

We're enjoying beautiful sunshine these last days of May. I hope you're enjoying them to the fullest.
                                 GRANNY MARIGOLD


  1. Yes, I agree peonies are so pretty. I have a double white that needs a sturdy tomato cage or the branches break under the weight of the blossoms. I also have several single red plants which as you mentioned don't have that problem. They too are very fragrant and the plant itself is quite pretty long after the blossoms have fallen off. Enjoy your weekend! y.s.

  2. Don't the peonies ever steal the show! Mine aren't nearly to the blooming stage yet although my single ones are covered in buds but I hope to seal at least enough cut stems to set in a vase later in fall when I need a touch of summer.