Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Morning Walk

Such a lovely morning to walk around the lake. DH and the little man also walked but they chose the wooded path where the roots of trees stick up and walking is treacherous. Just the thing for a little boy ( carrying a sword for 'protection'. He pretends he's a superhero.)

I walked the asphalt path that follows the water. Yesterday I saw a duck with 7 very newly hatched ducklings. Unfortunately I had not brought my camera.  Today I couldn't find her but I did see these slight;y bigger ones.

                  Canada Geese are very protective of their goslings.

                                A male Mallard sharing a log with a crow.

In the park there is a labyrinth with the mounds surrounding the paths. Lots of plants including Iris.

So that was my walk this morning. Thanks for dropping by.
                        GRANNY MARIGOLD

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  1. Lovely photos. Always enjoy getting a glimpse of your beautiful part of the Canada. By the way, very interesting exposed tree roots, can almost imagine wood nymphs and fairies in their own secret world watching you take your walks and perhaps sharing that in their blogs (yes, I know, pure fantasy:)