Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bits and Pieces

Bits and pieces of china, that is.

I recently bought these three small cups and saucers ( demi-tasses?) at a thrift store. You can see in the next pic how they look next to a full sized cup.

Incidentally, did you notice that the saucer and cup don't match?  I thought they were close enough to be paired together since both were 'singles'.

    I've often mentioned my love of tea cups but I also collect mugs. Here are some of them.

        These next two pics are of my 10 ounce mugs for when I'm really wanting tea!!

     The pretty multi-flowered one on the right is Royal Albert Lady Carlyle Afternoon Tea II.

The middle mug below is also Royal Albert, part of the Bronte Sisters collection. This one is "Emily".
The one with Pansies is just marked  Canadian design Floral Capilano then under that is the name Valerie Pfieffer. That's the one I'm using today for my Earl Grey.

The sun is shining here today but it's anything but warm out. A good day to do more Christmas decorating.  
  For several days I've been carrying my phone around anxiously waiting for news of my nephew and his wife's first baby. Today at last the little guy made his debut. We are all so thankful. 
                  Granny Marigold

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