Saturday, 15 November 2014

Thinking of Christmas?

Our chilly, wintery weather has me thinking ahead to Christmas. I think looking forward to and getting ready for the Christmas season is a big part of the enjoyment we feel. Of course it's very different from the days when our children were small. Those days were so filled with their anticipation!   Everything was magical when seen through their eyes.

We've quit exchanging gifts between the adults ( except maybe small, token things). I think garage sales really opened my eyes to all the unwanted gifts that people receive and end up selling come next summer.  All those carefully chosen presents that were not needed nor wanted.
Of course the younger ones still get lots of gifts and are thoroughly spoiled ( in a good way).

I do love to decorate my house for the seasons and I have put away all reminders of Autumn and begun the Christmas/ winter theme. Our across-the-street neighbour is having a big old Holly tree cut down and my DH went over and salvaged a number of lovely ( and prickly) branches.  I brought back some greens while on my walk, I think they may be Juniper. Smells so wonderful! So those plus a few bits of another kind of pine have made a fairly nice arrangement in an shiny oval tin that has what I think are pine cones on the sides.   I have hung a Christmas banner in the dining room ( picture will appear one of these days).  So....are you getting in the mood to start decorating for Christmas?

I'm always happy to see that comments have been left.

                                 Granny Marigold


  1. We have our Thanksgiving Day on the 27th, so my fall decorations will stay up until then. December 1st I'll be ready to start decorating for Christmas!

  2. Our chilly winter weather has me thinking Christmas too. Today's forecast is for snow and blowing snow on the prairies. Too early for me, that's for sure. I began listening to my Christmas CD;s yesterday which is earlier than usual for me but the snow and cold certainly make Christmas seem closer than it is. How fortunate you were to get the holly but it sure is prickly, isn't it?

  3. Yes, I am getting in the mood! I have a lot of old decorations to give away, but I am going to enjoy the sweet and simple things longer, staring now!

  4. We started cutting back on the gift giving a few years back. We didn't want Christmas to be a stressful time for those who didn't have much money to spend. So we concentrate on the little ones for gift giving and just enjoy each other's company otherwise. I've been watching a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies, so I guess that's getting me in the mood. :) Have fun decorating!