Wednesday, 12 November 2014

This and That

We've had a few days of very gusty and cold North East wind. I decided to walk in spite of it this morning but I'd forgotten how the wind makes one's eyes water and nose run!!  I gathered a few evergreen branchlets in the park and will make an arrangement of them once I have enough. I have the perfect oval tin container that I picked up this past year ( at a garage sale, of course).

My Thanksgiving and my Christmas Cactus have decided
to bloom at the same time this year.  You can just barely
 see the Christmas one nearer to the  window.

      This Pothos plant is reaching for the ceiling. I love how the new leaves are variegated!

Nancy has asked me to feature tea cups again and I'm always happy to do just that. These two are by Paragon  and have a lovely pink rose inside the cup and also on the saucer. When I took this first cup down I noticed that it has a chip on the saucer.  I wonder how that happened.
   I had to include my pink roses crocheted pot holders and a sprig of those greens I gathered this morning.

This cup and saucer is such a strange ( but pretty) shade of brown. The cup has a little pedestal and of course there's that rose and blue daisies (?) inside . Sorry about the weird reflection on the cup.

I hope you are having a great week....a shorter work week for many what with Remembrance Day yesterday. I watched the ceremonies on TV and kept the silence at 11. It's a good thing to keep
remembering the sacrifices made by so many.

                          Granny Marigold


  1. I noticed your comment on Happy at Home's blog and that you are from the west coast of BC. Me, too. We've been enjoying these wonderful sunny days. I don't mind a bit cooler temperatures if we can see the sun!

  2. Thanks so much for your recent visit to my blog. One of my dreams came true when I was able to visit BC last year. So, it is so fun to be able to "visit" again through your blog.
    Your cactuses are looking lovely. I didn't realize there was a Thanksgiving and Christmas variety. Mine is loaded with blossoms too and I thought it strange that it is blooming now rather than nearer to Christmas.
    Very pretty mugs. Love the pink one with the potholders.
    Have a wonderful weekend.