Saturday, 8 November 2014

This past week

This week I...made three pots of Plum jam

...bought an Amaryllis bulb at the thrift store for .50.  I hope I can get it to bloom in time for Christmas. Anyone have advice?

...attended a craft fair ( I did take a few pics)

...managed to lock myself out of my house and on to the porch. I'm too old to climb over the railing and lower myself 5 feet down.
I would have gladly sat outside on the porch swing since it was quite a nice day and I have a stack of reading material out there but that plum jam was simmering on the stove and I had to keep it from scorching!  I beat loudly on the glass door until finally DH heard and came to rescue me. What was I  doing when I locked myself out? Cleaning the glass sliding door. I guess the latch was half way down and when I pushed it shut the latch engaged and I was stuck!

...I have begun going through the stacks of books on my floor, books I bought at  various garage sales this summer. So far I've read one, found another three that are not interesting and put those in the 'donation box'. Only another 25 to go.

                                                            Plum Jam

                              My SIL at her table at the craft fair surrounded by her lovely quilts!!

This table had honey for sale as well as Hazelnuts ( filberts)... which I bought.

I like the craft fairs that are now starting in time for the Christmas season. I don't buy much but it's fun to look.
               Hope you've had a good week,

                                       GRANNY MARIGOLD


  1. I used to make a lot of plum jams and jellies. Yours looks very pretty and tasty. :)
    It's a bad feeling locking yourself out, especially when you really need to get back in! Ha, ha! Have fun looking through all those books. :)

  2. Oh, this post was MUCH easier on the eyes! Thanks! :)

  3. oh plum jam ..yummo (:)
    have a wonderful day Marigold ~