Monday, 2 March 2015

Thoughts on a Monday

We took a Sunday afternoon drive yesterday, out into the country with the destination a certain area that is well-known locally for the daffodils that thrive in the clay soil. People set up little roadside stands and sell bunches of daffs for $1.25 a bunch.  I chose 2 bunches from different buckets and hoped they would turn out to be different kinds, which they were.

Here you can see how many have opened in just 24 hours. Of course I have my own daffodils in my own yard but I just can't get myself to cut them and bring them indoors. Unless they fall over which they do sometimes especially those grown in shade.

My 99 cent Primroses are still fairly nice. I think I'll give them another week and then plant them out.

After we got the Daffs we took backroads to get back home. The road had no shoulder and a fair number of vehicles so I had to settle for pics taken out of the car window. This tree in full bloom was just one of many that we drove by.

Then there was this farm with chickens in an outdoors run. They looked very content as well they should be when one considers the poor chickens that are confined and never see the light of day.  We used to have half a dozen hens in our backyard but now local by-laws prohibit that particular joy.

Isn't this black rooster just so sleek?  He was quite watchful and kept his eye on me as I took the photo. Protecting his harem I guess.

I kept wondering if we'd see any lambs and I was not disappointed. I couldn't get the picture I wanted and then my camera battery died so I only got two. One momma had triplets!!

On to other things... aren't the oranges just at their juiciest at this time of year? These huge ones have rather a thick peel but are so very sweet.

I've taken the various plants off my kitchen window sill and put back tea cups. The photo is too dark but you get the idea.

The sun is shining and the thermometer reads plus ten ( that's Celsius) so now that my laundry is done ( I'm a traditionalist and do laundry on Monday) I must go walk around outside and see how things are growing.  I am so very aware of how fortunate we are here in the Fraser Valley to have mild winters and early Springs while the rest of the country battles freezing temps and so much snow.

           With a thankful heart,   Granny Marigold

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