Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Windy Saturday

It was a day of brisk wind blowing clouds around. First we would have a few showers then those clouds would be blown away and the sun would shine only to have the whole thing repeated! I guess that is what we can expect in April.

My DH has been busy building matching cupboards for my ever-growing teacup collection. He has mounted them on either side of the opening into the sunroom.

This picture is taken rather far away but it gives a better idea of how they are placed. The paint is not totally dry yet but I can hardly wait to set my lovelies in them.

There were a few garage sales this morning and I got this cute little cup and saucer for  seventy-five cents. It is made by Royal Vale and I believe those blue flowers are forget-me-nots

        It joins the ones I bought a week or so ago, waiting for a spot to put them!!

      I was given this Tasha Tudor book ( a library discard) for my T.T. collection.

Lastly I wanted to show you my  Bloodroot plant ( Sanguinaria Canadensis)  with it's gorgeous frilly white flowers. The flowers grow on short leafless stems and last such a short while but they are worth it. This is the plant I had such a hard time identifying until at last one man at the Plant shop searched on-line until he found it. It's not at all common it seems. It's filling the pot it's in nicely this year.
Sorry about the photo being on its side. Once in a while it just happens!!

I see some weeds are also growing merrily in this pot. Hmmm. Next week I'd better get rid of those while they are still small. I use an old teaspoon to dig them out. In fact, I have more then a few old teaspoons that I find useful outside for weeding,  also for transplanting tiny volunteers too small for a trowel.

On that note I will wish you a peaceful and happy Sunday.

                   Granny Marigold


  1. Your DH did a beautiful job on the shelves! Your teacups will look so nice on them!

  2. Your house is a treasure trove! I love the new teacup shelves! Tell that DH WELL DONE!
    I bet you'll love arranging your cups!