Friday 24 April 2015

This and That

We managed to get our walk in before the rain. Later the sun came out but then it began to hail!  What weather!  I did remember to take my camera along when I walked. So many lovely trees!

Then we spotted the first Canada Goose family of this year ( that we've seen anyway).  We had our dog along and the parents were very wary of him.

I wanted to show the double Primrose that I bought last Spring and that didn't look like it was going to do much this year. Well, it sure surprised me.  Meanwhile I had stuck a regular primrose beside it as well as some perennials that also made it through the winter. The plastic I stuck in the middle is to keep that spreading plant from overtaking the entire pot later in the summer. I think it is a baby's breath and blooms tiny white flowers. I'd go out and check the tag but it's just too darn wet out there.
You will have noticed that my computer decided these two pics should be shown sideways. I tried various things but sideways is what they seem to stay.

And finally, I started putting my teacups  among the flowers again. One teapot got forgotten outside, froze and broke during the winter. I will look for another one at the thrift store next time I go. That wire you see to the right protects a rose bush that our rascally wild rabbit decided would be a tasty snack. So far it has deterred him.

 Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend.

                        GRANNY MARIGOLD


  1. How cute! I love the outside teacups! The goose family is precious.
    The plant you asked about is Bee Balm. It goes crazy, but when you step on it, it smells delicious!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I have a teapot very similar to this one-my mother bought it for her mother many, many years ago.

  3. Beautiful trees! You are very brave taking your teacups outside! The Bee Balm Pom mentioned...would that be in the mint family? Just judging by the leaves. Bet it does smell good. We have a wild version here that is purple.

    1. Bee Balm is in the mint family but my little plant doesn't have any scent at all. Maybe when it gets bigger? Years ago I grew Bee Balm and all I can remember about it is that it got very mildewy every summer so I dug it out.