Sunday 19 April 2015

A Sunday Walk

We've had simply awesome sunshine today and my DH and I drove out into the country to go walking along a walking trail we've often walked. I took lots of pictures, unfortunately when I uploaded them to my blog they did not go in the order I had taken them but I hope you enjoy them anyway. The little river is called the Sumas river.

It's not too clear but at this spot a lot of boulders had at some point in time come crashing down. Now the vegetation has grown over them.

                   My DH taking a break.

          We pass just one little farm where the same horse and goat have greeted us for years.

This is the house. The photo doesn't really capture the lovely bank of blooming flowers.

                                          The white lilac was in full bloom!

At the end of the path we cross this bridge and come back on the dike. This part of the walk is higher and farmers' fields are on the left of us. Out here in the open we heard several Warblers singing but caught only fleeting glimpses of them.

                        The first crop of hay has been baled already!

This was supposed to be the very first picture and shows the path as we leave the parking area. The river is just to the right of the line of shrubs.

So that was how I spent a good part of my day. I must admit that after we got back I fell asleep on the porch swing,
I  must have been all tired out from my walk.
Did you have a sunny day?   No matter what the weather, I hope you had a good day.

                 Granny Marigold


  1. A very beautiful walk! We finally got some rain last night. We have only the faintest tinge of green grass and tiny leaves on the trees. You are way ahead of us. That's your house? It's so cute! Thanks for taking us on your walk!

  2. Oh no, Lisa. I'm afraid I didn't make it clear that the house is the one on the little farm we passed on our walk. I am so glad you finally got some rain. Hopefully you'll get more soon so things can start to grow.

  3. How lovely to see that your world is so green and lush already. Here, we too had some rain (finally) but it has turned into snow. The poor flickers are busily poking through the snow covered lawn to find some breakfast.

  4. How gorgeous! Looks like home!

  5. We have walked along there, although it's been a year or two!