Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tuesday Treasures

I love the colours in this doily ( that I paid a matter of cents for)  but I can't imagine how to display it with the lumpy rose in the middle. There's no way to set a vase or such on it so I suppose I'll just leave it as is. I find it pretty anyway.

I'm always on the lookout for nice inexpensive blouses and this one is very different from what I normally wear. It has a "fooler" front insert and is made of very crinkly polyester. I hope I will find it comfy to wear.

        Now this one is more my usual blouse/shirt. This one cost me less than three dollars.

Another great find was this warm, full-length robe. I So useful for when I take the dog out at seven o"clock every morning. 

I found yet another pendant that I like. I prefer the cords over chain because chain will often irritate my neck.

I've been busy baking. The chocolate cupcakes were very moist and I think that may be why they have those streaks of dark on them. The lemon loaf didn't rise much but turned out great.

          The cupcakes and angel food cake were for a special person't birthday!!

And, finally, the Lily of the Valley are starting to bloom. Don't they just have the loveliest scent?

Although the forecast is for showers we had a nice walk this morning. Saw another batch of goslings by the lake.  I am expecting to see baby ducklings one of these days too!

That's my day so far. Hope yours is coming along nicely!!  Thanks for visiting.

                  Granny Marigold



  1. Love Lily of the Valley, very invasive though isn't it? I was going to follow your blog, but I don't see where to do that? Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting I appreciate it.

    1. Lily of the Valley does tend to spread but mine is up against the side fence and hasn't done too much spreading in the past 4 or 5 years since I planted some. My garden has a few plants that are, let us say, enthusiastic growers. They make up for the ones I lose every winter to all the rain.

  2. Way to go, finding blouses for such bargain prices! The cozy robe is perfect for doggy mornings.
    MMMMMmmmmmm! Baking day! Everything looks wonderful.

  3. lovely finds marigold (:)
    the doily is very sweet.. I had one similar.. the accent color was in blue..
    oh yummmmm.food looks so good ..
    love chocolate frosted cupcakes (:)

  4. What a good day you've had. I love finding bargains like those. I have a pot of Lily of the Valley blooming too and have tried for two days to remember what it's called, so thank you. Your baking looks delicious!

  5. I can't tell how big the doily is, but could you display small items in a circle around the central rose?
    That first blouse looks very comfy. That's my main criteria for clothing. :)
    Moist, chocolate cupcakes! My favorite!
    I'm so tempted to go garage sale shopping, but I need to get rid of stuff as it is.
    Enjoy your day! :)

  6. Lisa, I know what you mean. The way I do it is that the box of stuff I take to the thrift store has to be as big or bigger than I the one I bring home. That way I get the pleasure of "new" stuff but the house doesn't get any fuller.