Tuesday, 12 May 2015


When I got up this morning I had no intention of making this an organizing/uncluttering day but that is exactly what it was.  I started with my "spice cupboard" organizing all the little bags that I now seem to buy my spices in. When I was done that I took all my tablecloths and place mats and table runners out and reorganized the deep drawer that holds all those. I was on a roll so I attacked the old wardrobe that serves as my linen closet.  I wish I'd thought to take a before picture.  Believe me, it was crammed full of STUFF. Stuff that had no business being in there ( you know how that goes) and also stuff I was keeping that I knew I'd never use.  Like scratchy throws. Who wants to cuddle up with a scratchy throw? Why would any company even make scratchy throws. I now have a considerable stack of things destined for the thrift store.

So my picture doesn't show the all the shelves. There's a wall about three feet in front of the wardrobe and I couldn't get far enough away for a decent picture but you can see that things are no longer crowded and shoved together.
So now it's evening and I'm tired but happy I got all that done. Tomorrow I'll take it easy and spend some quality porch-sitting/reading time.

Thanks for visiting.

           Granny Marigold


  1. oh nice ..I have a similar armoire Marigold.. love it..mine is way more packed full then yours..ha
    .......Oh the clothes pin sheep will be darling (:)
    Have a good one..and

  2. Nice job! You deserve some time reading on the porch! :)