Saturday, 9 May 2015

Saturday's Treasures

What a gloriously sunny, warm day we are blessed with today. And what a fantastic haul of garage sale items. We had the grands along and they found a lot of things that thrilled them but I'll concentrate on my own treasures here. As you can see among my finds are a crazy quilted tea cozy, some tea cups ( probably destined for outside in my flower beds, pretty plate, a kitchen dish soap dispenser made from a small jar ( you can barely make it out next to the large white pot), some free magazines that I happen to love and would never pay full price for, even the hand embroidered tea cloth (.50).

This king-sized sheet is made of the softest cotton I have ever felt so although I need a queen size I will cut this one down. ( I know, those who know my sewing "skills" cringe to think of me sewing
 anything at all!),   On the tag it says Super Supina cotton. The embroidery is very soft and won't be irritating as some can be.

                                                              Love this flower pot!!

I have a neighbour who has a variegated Iris that I admire and I've thought of buying one but couldn't really justify the purchase because I have many regular Irises and no room for more.  UNTIL I saw this one for three dollars. I'll find room.  Apparently the blooms have a sweet scent.

Now I must go outside and enjoy the weather.

Oh yes!  I almost forgot to mention that while we were garage saling we stopped at the Farmers Market . I found Wyndson Farm booth and met Karen (from the blog of the same name. Wyndson Farm.  She is the first blogger that I've met in person and although going up to a perfect stranger and introducing myself is usually not my thing she was so friendly it was quite a pleasure. 

Now, off I go...    thanks for visiting today.


  1. It was a pleasure to meet you! I find it funny that I had to go to N. Carolina (sort of) to find your blog, and then in the end you are so close by. So glad you stopped by and said hello!
    It was a bit of a slow day at the market for me, I would have rather been out garage 'sailing' I think:)

  2. What a nice "haul" of treasures! I wasn't even aware that there was a "Mary Jane Farm" magazine but I do love the "Home Companion" - always nice to have new magazines to enjoy - do you keep them once you are done reading them or do you pass them along? I tend to stockpile mine for awhile and enjoy them again and again. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day, Marigold.

    1. I tend to keep those magazines that I know I'm going to want to reread but these past years I find that there's so much to look at on-line that my magazines just sit and accumulate.