Sunday, 16 April 2017

A Sunday Drive

The sun was shining so after our walk we took a drive in the country. We stopped to buy Daffodils at this booth on someone's yard.

This area has the right soil for Daffs and they grow in fields and even beside the road.

We stopped to take some pictures at this farm. The gazebo under the blossoming tree was only one reason I wanted to stop here.  Can you see what's behind the gazebo?

Donkeys!!  I don't know much about donkeys but these looked smaller than usual. I couldnd't help wondering if it was a donkey rescue place.

Karen might be able to give some info since this is not far from Wyndson Farm.

I had hoped to see some Spring lambs but didn't spot any lambs or even full grown sheep.

We came home and sat outside in warm sunshine. We had our warmest day so far....20C  or 68F.
Is tomorrow a normal Monday for you?   I'm such a routine orientated person that I'll be doing laundry as usual but also tidying the house up getting ready for DH's siblings ( well, those that live in BC) coming in the evening.

There's a chance of showers tomorrow.  I hope they hold off until the afternoon.

Thanks for coming by. 

           Granny Marigold


  1. When I saw the first picture, I thought it looked familiar!
    I sort of know the lady at the donkey place, but I don't think it is a rescue. Well not a 'known' one. Maybe they are donkey collectors ;-) Those are probably mini donkeys. I think they also have, or at least had, sheep at that same place. Maybe they were in a field behind the house. There also used to be a few sheep further north up Bradner Rd, but I don't think I've seen them lately. There is just one old one at our place!

  2. Loved your outing. The daffodils are so beautiful....and love the donkeys. Our neighbor has a donkey rescue--he's taken in some that turned out lovable, but has also had a few that must have been mistreated and he never could place them. They live out their lives at his place. He's a really good hearted man.

  3. Hi Granny Marigold. What a lovely drive you had! Daffodils and miniature donkeys, what more could you ask for!
    Just a normal Monday here beyond Chuck not going to work.
    We were the same temperature as you yesterday. So lovely to sit outside in a T-shirt.
    Have a good week!

  4. What a lovely drive in the country!

    That gazebo and blossoming tree, with donkeys in the background... Made a lovely photo op!

    Awwww, aren't those donkeys cute... I know nothing about them, but there are a lot of them. Perhaps it is a rescue place.

    Enjoy your regular Monday, and company coming.

    Gentle Spring-time blessings,
    Luna Crone

  5. We love to go for rides too. It's fun to see what we can find! The daffodils look so pretty along the road side and I absolutely loved those little donkeys!

  6. Lovely daffodils and donkeys too! You hit a jackpot! :) I see blooming trees too!! Happy Easter!

  7. Mini donkeys! There is a field of mini-donkeys near my hometown.
    I hope you have fun with your company.

  8. We were warm here on Easter Sunday, and today, Monday, we have had off and on very light showers. We walked and got some gardening done. And yes, I did laundry today. It's Monday!

  9. Beautiful shots.....and I love the little babies. So totally cute.

  10. A lovely drive, so nice to see the daffodils, fields and donkeys. Thank you also for putting the temperature in celcius which makes far more sense to me! I never know quite how warm or cold F measurements are - although no excuse as I did study chemistry at university level! lol

  11. Such pretty sights on your spring drive. The donkeys are so cute. I was expecting to see lambs :).

  12. Yes! I live to do my laundry on Mondays also!! What a nice drive you had. I will have to suggest going for drives in the country more often! Nancy

  13. The daffodils are so pretty! I'm glad you were able to take a ride Sunday and enjoy the sights. That is quite a large number of donkeys in that field. I could easily understand why you would wonder if it was for rescue donkeys.

    Hope that you had a nice time with your DH's family on Monday. I hope the weather was nice for your visit.

  14. Those donkeys are completely charming!