Saturday, 17 June 2017

More Tea Cups

                    WARNING.... A LOT OF PICTURES OF TEA CUPS!!!

 If tea cups don't interest you please feel free to ignore this post!

We went to a couple of garage sales this morning and I was thrilled to find someone who was getting rid of many that she had collected through the years. She was charging a dollar each which is so
very reasonable that I chose 11.

These 4 were made by EB Foley China.   Elijah Brain took over Foley China in 1885 and together with his sons operated until 1967.

The pattern of these 4 is "Christmas Rose".

The set on the left is Royal Standard  and the lovely one with the dark red interior is a Royal Stafford.

                     Both the ones below are made by Paragon.

The one on the upper left is another EB Foley. Upper right made by Colclough (founded by Herbert Colclough in 1890. He was so dedicated to his china that he would often stay overnight  keeping an eye on his kiln ). In 1930 he was visited by King George V  and Queen Mary who gave Mr. Colclough  Royal license to also produce Royal Vale china.
The bottom cup and saucer is simply called Bell and the pattern is Lady Alexandra Rose.

You might ask where I have room for more tea cups. I asked DH to remove the doors of this cabinet in the kitchen. The hinges remain just in case I want to replace them in the future.

 I'm sure I've posted pics of these cupboards but any new followers wouldn't have seen them.

This shelf is over the opening of  the doorway from the kitchen/dining room to the sun room.

                              A small cupboard in the living room.

These photos are a record of some of my collection for my own future reference. 
I hope I haven't bored anyone to tears. 

Thanks for visiting today,

 Granny Marigold


  1. So cozy and beautiful! What a score on the tea cup front, GM!

  2. What a wonderful collection. You did well this morning a great haul at a great price. Loved the Christmas Rose.

  3. You have an amazing tea cup collection! X Chy

  4. My goodness! What an extensive and pretty collection.

  5. At first I wondered why your blog was so hard to read, but then it went back to the white letters after the first picture, thank goodness! That is a lot of pretty teacups ;-) I saw quite a few at one garage sale and thought of you. I remember when I first starting reading your blog and your DH had just made you some more shelving and you said something about not acquiring any more cups. Well we know how that turned out!!

    1. I have no idea why the first part is in black print. Weird. As for that comment about not adding any more tea cups to my collection? What can I say? I have very little resistance.

  6. Your photos are so pretty.

    No matter that I don't enjoy tea, or collect tea cups.

    Tea cups are simply beautiful, even if I don't have them!!!!


  7. You have a BEAUTIFUL collection!! Love them all.

  8. You have so many beautiful teacups! They are lovely.

  9. The tea cups are taking over, Mom!! Your displays are very tasteful, though :) John was most taken with the butterfly demitasses.
    - Sheila

  10. You must be a tireless duster, GM! They are beautiful! :)

  11. What an amazing collection you have. That was wonderful to find those cups for only a $1 each. Enjoy! Nancy

  12. They are all beautiful! You have them displayed so nicely! I like your new one that is red inside! :)

  13. What a dilemma I would have had if I had come across those teacups at a garage sale as I only ever allow myself 1 teacup purchase per time (in an effort to keep the numbers down). You really got a great deal as I never find any that are priced less than $4.00.