Saturday 24 June 2017

Garage Sale Adventures

Well, maybe not exactly adventures. Nevertheless, it was a fun morning and we left with our list of gs. At the first one DH turned to me and asked What's that on your face? ( loaded question). Turned out that before we left I did a bit of deadheading in my Lily bed. I must have gotten pollen on my fingers then rubbed my face. If you've ever had that pollen on your hands or worse yet on your clothes, you know it's hard to get off. I finally gave up and hoped I wouldn't see anyone I knew.
Wouldn't you know... as we were about to drive off after visiting yet another GS,  Karen ( Wyndson Farms.. check out her blog) ran up and gave me the jigsaw puzzle that she kept for me and when you see the photo you'll understand why! Wasn't that sweet of her? I wonder did she notice the yellow streaks on my face?

I didn't find anything useful but I did get this pretty ornamental birdhouse that looks perfect in my sun room. ( I took this pic before I found the right spot for it).

And for some reason I wanted this tub. Here it sits in  my garden shed on the box that I keep potting soil in. I've seen these tubs used to hold rolled up towels in bathrooms but to do that one should really have towels all the same colour, not all different ones.

It's another very warm day here. Another couple of days before we go back to more normal temperatures. Although this year the weather hasn't been very "normal".  I'm hoping all this sunshine will ripen the raspberries. I've been looking forward to picking and eating my fill of them. Don't you think they taste best right off the bushes?  DH is not a big fan of raspberries but I intend to freeze them in small containers so I can make a raspberry sauce whenever I crave one.

Thanks for visiting,

         Granny Marigold


  1. You found some good stuff! The teacup puzzle is very cute.

  2. Love that tea cup puzzle. Different color towel in that tub would make it look like a bouquet! Nancy

  3. That puzzle is perfect for you. How sweet of Karen to share it with you.
    Anticipating those first raspberries sounds very exciting to me.

  4. I have a similar birdhouse, and we mounted it on a post outside. I don't know how long it will last, but for two years now it has been occupied by nesting chickadees.

  5. That is a perfect puzzle for you! Karen would be thoughtful like that! :)

  6. Nope, didn't notice any yellow on your face! Was in too much of a rush to catch you before you drove away. It was kind of funny, I was watching for you, and when I realized it was you walking to your truck I was yelling at Larry to pull over, pull over, and then 'pop the trunk', so I could get the puzzle out. I don't think he realized what was going on until it was all over!
    I do like your birdhouse! I did buy a bag of fleece fabric at the sale you were just leaving, and some garden tools and a large measuring cup at the one on the other side of the road. It was a slow day for 'finds' though, and we did pick up a few bits of things, but nothing that made my heart go pitter patter!
    A challenge for you would be to try and find all the cups (GS or TS or wherever) that are on that puzzle ;-)!

    1. After you gave me the puzzle and ran back to your vehicle my DH was so confused. Who was THAT? was about all he could manage to say. ( I know he has met you but you were moving too fast I think for him to recognize you.)
      I have already spotted some of my tea cups on that puzzle!!

    2. I think you should repost the puzzle picture with x's or checks or something on the cups you have. It might be a challenge for some others of us to help you find the rest ;-)

  7. Love the jigsaw perfect for you and your love of teacups.

  8. Wow! What a puzzle!!! You will have so much fun, with that!!!!!!!

    Sweet little birdhouse. The pan for rolled up towels. Guess what? When our towels finally "died," I got all white new ones. So I could use your pan. :-)

    I love CLOROX! -grin- I love WHITE! I love being able to wash all towels, both bath and hand ones, in lots of Clorox.

    I wear only white shirts, too. So I do use a lot of CLOROX!!!!! -grin-

    Your pollen streaks, could look like a new trend, in face make up!!!!!! ,-))))

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  9. Hi Granny Marigold, your funny story about pollen on your face reminded me of the time I met a friend at a garden centre. Her whole nose was yellow with pollen. She had been sniffing all the flowers!
    Love your new birdhouse, very pretty.
    Have a good week!

  10. That puzzle is perfect for you! That was nice of Karen. She is such a nice person. That is funny about the pollen on your face.

  11. That was so sweet of Karen to think of you. SOMEONE might like to borrow that puzzle when you're done, hint hint!
    Love, Sheila

  12. Love the birdhouse! We've had some very hot weather, the rain this week is going to help keep the temps down a little.