Thursday 22 June 2017

Summer Sunshine

Summer has arrived with a Bang! Today we reached 26C which is about 78F  but the forecast is for increasingly warm days and Sunday we are told we may reach mid thirties or over 90F. Too warm too suddenly. I noticed many of my new perennials wilting this afternoon so although watering in the middle of the day is not a great idea I did give them a little drink.
This morning I tried to turn the kitchen lights out then I realized they weren't on, it was sunshine that was flooding the room!!

A local Plant shop is closing down and everything is half price so of course I had to go buy something. I wanted some kind of fern that would flourish in the shade on the front landing. We went to look and found lovely little Japanese Painted ferns that looked very cute. Brought them home only to read ALL the info on the tag. Hmmm. They grow 3' tall.  They would completely hide the fountain by the front door.  Hopefully it takes them a few years to reach their full height.

Hopefully you're enjoying lovely summer weather too.

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Granny Marigold


  1. I am very happy about the sunny days, but not that it is expected to be so hot so fast. A little moderation, please!

  2. Goodness, if only we could come up with a more moderate weather system for both you and for us. Here it's a chilly Prairie June....tomorrow's high is only 14 Celcius. Hope your new perennials survive the heat! (I love the painted picture of the foxglove!)

  3. Hi Granny Marigold, No wilting of plants going on here. It is POURING rain as I type this.
    We are supposed to have a sunny day tomorrow. Hopefully as there is an outside sale I want to go to.
    Take care!

  4. Pretty zinnias!
    Time for lemonade! Stay cool, GM!

  5. Ohhhhhh, that old illustration of foxglove!!!! Ohhh how beautiful! It would fit right into my new experiment, of "Quietville"!!! :-)))))

    Sorry about the ferns. But watch them, and clip them, or pull them out, before they are big enough, to go-on-a-rampage!!!!! ,-)


  6. Your picture of foxgloves reminds me so much of the Oregon roadside scenes I enjoyed last week. We don't have foxgloves growing wild around here and that is one thing I like about visiting wetter regions.

  7. Well we did get that hot spell in May..... ;-)
    I am hoping that the heat slows the grass down somewhat. Larry seems to have spent hours every day with either the lawnmower, weadeater or tractor with mower or any combination of the above.

  8. Your temps sound so pleasant to me. It was 96* here this afternoon. It is HOT !!

  9. We are cool, your Zinnias are lovely :)