Saturday, 10 June 2017

Saturday's treasures

You know I can't resist tea cups especially when they're a dollar!! The first one was only .75 because the saucer doesn't match..

    This green one has a delicate painting of roses inside the cup....

and came with two saucers. The one on the right is the actual matching one but the left one is by far the prettier. 

       I have the perfect place to hang these pencil sketches of places in New Orleans.

This strange hangy thing I thought must be meant to be a birdhouse?  but then I realized it's meant to hold a candle or tea light. There is a wire "lifter" inside. In the next photo you can see the other side .
I'll hang it on the porch.

 Last but not least I bought a doll because I loved her clothes that now are on this Teddy bear.  I have a friend who has a little great granddaughter and she may want the doll ( that looks a little like an Anne of GG with long braids) and this friend sews very well so she could make a wardrobe for the doll. If she doesn't want it it  will go to the thrift store.
I think my Teddy looks perfectly adorable, don't you?

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings once again. I hope you're having a good day/weekend.

Granny Marigold


  1. You find the best teacups! Beautiful!
    Teddy DOES look lovely in the doll's outfit.
    I hope you are having a happy weekend, GM!

  2. You find so many neat things! I hardly ever see any tea cups and saucers when I go thrifting. I don't go a lot so may be I need to go more often!! Nancy

  3. Enjoyed your ramblings! The teacups are so pretty!!

  4. I too enjoyed your ramblings, the teacups are a delight. The teddy's outfit was beautiful, a real cutie.

  5. Ahh, cute teddy bear! She needs a name.

  6. Yep, teddy does look adorable. Maybe ready to have a tea party? The cups and saucers are pretty. I especially like the first one. That little lantern will be pretty on your porch.

  7. I need to get that jigsaw puzzle to you! Whether you put it together or not, it was meant for you. It might involve tea cups ;-) I have collected a few of those pencil or ink sketches, in the black frames just like yours. Mine are of Canadian places, and one of a place I have been to in England. I really like them.