Saturday, 12 August 2017

Morning Glory and Gladiolas

My self-sown Morning Glories are growing on the ground, up onto the Hydrangeas that have flopped and even onto the hose and hose holder. I had a good shot of that but for some reason that particular photo will not upload. They're even growing on the trellis where I had them last year and where I was hoping they'd grow.

Last Spring I think it was when I bought a bag of Gladiola bulbs ( or maybe they're called tubers).
They had the fancy name of Callianthus Murielae  Acidanthera.
I planted them in a large pot sort of in the shade because the sunny spots were all taken. Consequently they leaned over and had to be tied up. Now I just cut them and brought them in so I can enjoy them from close-up.  They look quite different from 'normal' Glads.

It's Airshow weekend and extremely loud planes keep flying low over the house. Poor bunny is cowering in the corner of her sleeping house. We won't be done with the noise until Monday around noon when they all finally leave for home. On the plus side however it is cooler today and it is a relief.  Earlier I washed 22 tea cups. Ones that have no saucers and that I had on display.  I packed them away in the wicker picnic basket that I bought a few weeks ago. I think they'll stay in there until the New Year. Doesn't it seem strange to talk of the New Year in August!!!

Must go comfort poor bunny. Thanks for visiting. Please leave a comment. even a short word or two, just so I know you came by!

Granny Marigold


  1. Some flowers just ramble, where they want to!!! ,-) Pretty morning glories though.

    And the glads are really lovely.

    Oh I would love an air show, near by!!! I love it, when the rich people's private jets, come to our county airport, on long 'finals', over our back yard. :-) Rich people fly over, from Cape Cod, for the flat track August races here. That's what that is about.

    But I like planes, because, years ago, we had a little private plane. My husband flew. And we had fun. That lasted, till his eyesight deteriorated. Nice memories though.

    I can imagine, that unless you had my memories, you would not think it fun, though. !!! Sorry you have it, over sunday toooo. Poor bunny.

    Hooray for cooler though!!!!

    Luna Crone

  2. The gladiolas are beautiful! and they look so pretty there with the dishes. We are finally getting rain this weekend. A good weekend for rain since we both are sick.

  3. The flowers are beautiful. Does that butterfly meadow teapot pour well?

    1. First of all I want to say welcome to my blog, Softie.
      I'm not sure if you have an active blog or not. I wasn't able to access it in any case.

      I'm not sure if that tea pot pours well or not because I've never actually used it for the purpose for which it was made. I'm assuming it would since it is made by Princess House and that's a good name. If you've read my posts you'll know that this set came from a thrift store where I find most of my treasures.

    2. Thank you for answering my question! I do not have an active blog. I had one years ago for a short time but I felt that I didnt have enough to write about. I enjoy reading your blog and really admire your thrifty finds!

  4. Those same glads, the one's I bought got forgotten and are still in their bag. Wouldn't be the first time I've done something like that.....;-(

  5. I think dear hubby would be in his glory if we had an airshow weekend and there were low flying planes over our home but me? I'd be like your bunny...glad to hear that you are enjoying a reprieve from the heat. Very unique glads, I so love glads but can't be bothered to take in the bulbs/tubers in fall.

  6. I know some people think of Morning Glories as a nuisance, but I happen to love them. I am currently waiting for mine to put out their first flower.
    Your glads are very pretty and look so nice with the tea set.
    Oh dear, poor bunny.

  7. Poor bunny!
    Good idea to put the saucerless cups in the basket. Yes, it IS funny to think about the new year just now, but time does fly. I shall have a cuppa now. I'll blog about my festival soon. I'm glad it cooled off.

  8. Two of my favorite flowers.🌼🌞

    Your garden looks lovely. πŸ˜‚

    I hope bunny is happy and stress free soon.πŸ‡

    Hope you have a lovely week, and here's hoping the rain arrives in BC; just a smattering here last night.😣

  9. My dad grew gladiolas and our neighbor had morning glories growing up the side of her front porch... they were so pretty.

  10. What a beautiful bureau...and your display there is gorgeous! The glads almost look like lilies, don't they? Very very pretty!